Creaky Sofia Sunglasses

  1. Has anyone had this issue w/the Sofia (or any other glasses)?

    I bought a pair on eBay and thought something was wrong with them, but then I went to the eyeglass store here that sells them and they made the same creaking noise.

    I'm just curious if that means anything bad about the actual glasses themselves.

    Also, my Sofia's are REALLY tight on my head, and the ones at the eye glass store were not.

    I did loosen them a bit, but didn't notice any major difference.

    DH thinks they need to just stretch a bit w/wear -- just wondering what you all thought.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I don't know if this helps, but my prescription glasses are Coach, and it's taken a lot of adjustments to get them right - the lady at my optometrist told me that I have a small head (which made me a little self conscious!) and that's why they're so loose - I really don't think so! Anyway, it may just be you and me :lol: but you might take them to an eyeglass store and ask for an adjustment - they have the little heat thingy so they can bend them without breaking them (which I wish I had done with my ralph lauren glasses - that's another story). Good luck! They're such cute glasses, I hope they work out for you!
  3. Thank you a bunch! I've been trying to find someone who will do them considering that they aren't prescription.

    So far, no luck -- but I'll keep looking :smile:
  4. the creakyness could be the screws are too tight and they are creating friction against the plastic. Mine don't do that and I've had mine for less than a month.
  5. Oh what a bummer! I have the sofias in black and they are not tight at all and they do not creak either.
  6. Hmm, I wonder what the deal is!

    At first I really thought it was just mine -- then I saw another pair that did it that were new... hmmm

    I can deal with the squeaking because it just happens when I first put them on or take them off, but they are so tight!

    I guess I'll keep trying to find a place that can adjust them.
  7. go to Sunglass Hut. Some of them carry Coach, so you could say you bought them at another Sunglass Hut and ask if they can adjust them. They do it for me all the time, whether I bought them there or not. Also, Lens Crafters might do it.

  8. Thanks a bunch! I will definitely check with those places :smile:
  9. YES my Sofias do this too & it's annoying lol. I got them from the outlet. They are definitely tighter than the pair I tried on. The tips of the arms dig in pretty good. I've had a pair of other sunnies (not Coach, can't remember the brand) squeak in the past & it went away once they were broken in. Definitely hoping these loosen up a bit, I need to start wearing them more often.