Creaky postmans lock?

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  1. So I've had my Bays for nearly a month now, and I've started to notice that the lock creaks when I turn it. There seems to be a bit of resistance when I turn it, as well.

    Now, I'm not even sure how the lock works! Is it a spring? If so, I wonder if it's something I've done. When I think about it, I do think I only turn it in the one direction - clockwise to open, clockwise to close - do perhaps I've wound it up too much? I've tried turning it anticlockwise a few time to see if that makes a difference, but it still creaks.

    Anyone had this experience?
  2. hello watchthestars, well I just tried the lock on my bayswater and yes indeed mine is a little squeaky too. I'm not sure if I had ever noticed that before though. And yes, there is some resistance but it feels like a good thing. There is a sort of catch thing on the lock if you look closely, presumably to stop it just sliding round?

    I always turn clockwise to open and anti-clockwise to shut ... but again, until you mentioned it I didn't realise that I did that!
  3. well not exactly a catch, more like a little tiny indentation?
  4. I never used the lock! It's like a decoration
  5. Just tried my locks (I have 2 on bags & 1 on a wallet) and they all sound a little creaky. I never thought about it before, but I guess it must be normal. I turn my lock both ways, btw, but it has the same sound when I turn one way only. I don't think you have to worry, think about it as the signature sound of a mulberry postmans lock!