Crazy: Woman shot SIX times in the head lives...

  1. Woman shot six times in head lives -

    How crazy is that!? I can't believe it. I can't even imagine what it would do to someone psychologically to get shot in the head SIX times and survive it. At least she can get him back :lol:
  2. Very lucky lady!! I hope they catch that idiot.
  3. Wow she is one super lucky woman!
  4. Wow, she is one lucky women!
  5. I love it when doctor's can't explain something - just shows that they aren't God. :smile:

    This woman truly was blessed with a miracle. Domestic violence is so scary. What makes men think that it's okay to 'force' a woman to be with them? I don't get it.....of course women get scary obsessive too but I don't hear a lot of cases where women get nearly as violent.
  6. holy moly!! thats amazing..
  7. Cheap gun and bad ammunition could have been her saving grace.
  8. G-d bless her
  9. I think it was about a year ago, here in Louisville. A lady and her 3 year old daughter were shot in their home from an estranged boyfriend of the mother. The mother died, but miraclously, the little girl, who was shot in the head, survived. It was such a sad story, but ended with a miracle.
  10. She's meant to live. It wasn't her time yet. She's very lucky to have survived that!
  11. Wow, talk about a thick skull! It didn't even penetrate the skull.
  12. wow!
  13. So glad she is ok. These stories of ex-boyfriends/husbands shooting their exes seem to be so very common.
  14. I agree with you!! Only God knows the time:yes:
  15. That's so amazing! She's been blessed. Hope they find her ex husband