crazy ? - which is classier Hermes or Balenciaga?

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  1. Do you think Hermes is more mature and classic than Balenciaga which seems more for younger fashionistas? Do you think they hold their value equally?
  2. Heremes has a lot of more class. An investment in Hermes will last a lifetime, whereas a Bal (I assume you are talking about the Moto line) has a limited lifespan. That's just my opinion and I am usually wrong, so....
  3. I agree wit KittyKat65. Hermes is a classic, Bal is edgy and trendy in my opinion. If I was looking for an investment piece to last a lifetime, I'd definitely go with Hermes.
  4. I agree with kitty kat and peachy mary. I think the hermes is so classy and beautiful. Bal is classic too but in a different way imo. You don't really see younger people carrying hermes as they do bals. I agree it is an investment and no I don't think they hold their value equally, the hermes is way more valuable compared to the bal it really is an investment. Definitely go with the hermes you won't regret it!!
  5. I'm a Balenciaga collector, but Hermes is true luxury.

    One of the only houses left that produce quality and not quantity.
  6. I have to go against the grain here ONLY because Hermes to me are, well not attractive at all... SORRY HERMES OWNERS JMO! I think for what Hermes cost , you could have tons of nice bags... once again JMO! I think that the Luella bags look alot like Hermes but cost less.
    I do LOVE Balenciaga and have owned several but they are a little tender, leather wise and need TLC. Sorry ,I am not much help. If you Loves Hermes and have the $$$ to invest then you should do it. Best of Luck!!!
  7. definately Hermes. Balenciaga is great too, but more fashion than lifetime luxury...
  8. Hermes is a CLASSIC, true luxury, & is a quality item.

    Classier is not a word I'd use to describe a purse.
  9. Hermes has more "class". I honestly don't even feel that they are comparable. Absolutely nothing against B. bags but if you're looking for a classic, Hermes is the obvious choice.

    I say this objectively as I am more of a Chanel person myself. It isn't that B bags aren't lovely but I think Hermes really is the ultimate luxury brand. There may be bags that I personally like more but it doesn't change what Hermes is.
  10. I expected to hear that kind of response. It is almost unanimous. Without moving to Hermes subforum, do most of you prefer Birkens over Kellys as well?
  11. I love the kelly, the birkin is totally not my type of bag although beautiful, I much prefer a shoulder strap instead of tendonitis.

    but btw balenciaga and will only look better with an hermes bag with age. a 20 something can still rock an hermes bag even though I prefer balenciaga for early twenties, but if you did buy a H bag, you will rock it for YEARS don't see too many grandmas carrying their balenciaga motorcycle bags...
  12. No question about it -- Hermes is much classier. ;)
  13. Hokaplan, why compare Hermes to a Balenciaga? Its so obvious people will answer Hermes as classier.

    I love Balenciaga but my answer would have to be Hermes even though its not my cup of tea.
  14. I think Hermes is classier and Balenciaga is more a relaxed style. Both are still great styles depending on your needs.
  15. I love both but I agree with the others; Hermes is definitely a more "classier" bag.