Crazy vintage price

  1. Hi all-

    Yesterday I was browsing a vintage store and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a MJ bag. I immediately asked the saleswoman if I could see it, and I couldn't believe my luck. Other bags were $10-$40, so I thought maybe it was my lucky day and I could pick it up for $75-$150. It was a medium-sized black bag with the round nickel push buttons, two pockets in the front and blue suede inside. They said it was from 2004- I really don't know what it was called. The bag was $400! I was astonished. It wasn't even in amazing condition. I told them I could probably pick up a similar style for $100-$200 less on eBay (authentic, of course) or a NEW MJ at a NR/NMLC for the same price. I can't imagine that they are going to sell it!
  2. That price does seem high! Maybe the bag is on consignment and the owner really thinks its worth $400 based on her paying the original retail price for it.