Crazy to have two bags of the same color?

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  1. so do u think it's nuts to have two bags of the same color, like the bow and peggy in the same color? or would u say they're so different that it's okay?
  2. I think it's okay if you are in love with the color and have a lot of bags. I have a bunch of black and shades of brown, but if it was a color I would probably just do one.
  3. Not if it's a bag in a leather or color you love. I am considering two of the exact same bag because I know styles and colors change - i.e. I'm considering getting a second Nero Bow. The Black Bow and the Black Peggy are different styles, different openings, and the glazed leather is such a perfect alternative to black patent if you feel patent is just slightly too much in a bag. So my opinion is go for it :yes:
  4. Thanks for enabling me!
  5. If you love the color - why not?