Crazy thought... Pink on the mind

  1. So I have recently just got myself a BEAUTIFUL LEATHER lindsey.. (I really wanted a saffon)
    and as some of you know I have been leaning toward MK lately.. I am half in my crazy mind debating selling the coach to buy this .....


    I am more of a shoulder bag gal, I like the front pocket on the coach (cell phone hiding spot)
    but I have a logo mk tote zip and totally LOVE LOVE the outside pockets on this bag.
    I need help...
  2. Love that color! I have this bag in purple. I have switched from Coach to MK too.

    This is going to be my travel bag. DH thinks it's a great every day handbag though.
  3. My vote is for this too! 2 outside pockets is always better than just one! :smile:
  4. Not to mention how durable the saffiano leather will be with winter coming up.

    I agree with the pockets. That is what drew me to this tote too.
  5. thanks ladies .... :smile:
  6. ^^

    I am eyeing the same bag on Ebay and can't beat the cheap shipping to Canada lol. Do a review if you get it :smile: