Crazy thing I did for the toki leather part

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  1. I got a tiny scratch on the leather at the bottom of my toki bag :tdown:
    Out of despair, I put a small amount of coach moisturizer on it first. It didn't darken the colour of the leather, unlike the coach vanchetta leathers. Then, I actually used my concealer to hide it! :nuts: It works perfectly, but eventually it gets rubbed off.
    I have also tried my foundation powder on it too...but it rubbed off more easily.

    Luckily, I have the same colour products as the toki leather.

    Arrr...I'm still feeling bad about the little scratch!!
  2. bagfever - lol very creative!! I wouldn't have ever thought to use my makeup to fix up my bag!! That was very MacGuyver-ish of you!
  3. Wow, thats pretty cool! I agree, macguyver!
  4. Just be careful... you don't want your make-up rubbing onto the fabric part of your bag!!