Crazy * Teenage girls! >_<

  1. Last night I experienced the scariest episode. I was out clubbing with some friends and was waiting in a line with my damier. Suddenly three dolled up, but sweet teenage girls asked "Is that a real louis-bag" and I replied "yeah" without taking too much notice. Then suddenly one of them grabbed my damier and screamed hystrically "it's a real Louis! Get it! " I don't really know if she intended to take it, she didn't attempt a catch and run, but she caused such a stir and held on to it pulling it really violently, I was so afraid the shoulder strap woul tear!!! O.o After a while I managed to break loose and get her off luckily.

    I know that you're supposed to be cautious of some people when out clubbing, but teenage girls aren't the first thing that comes to my mind imagining such people. And we weren't in a neighbourhood where you'd think people do that kind of stuff. :sad:

    That's definetly the craziest reaction I've gotten to my bags ever. ANd strangely enough she noticed the damier pattern and not the LV on my bandeau OR the keychain. =P
  2. I don't know...depending on the circumstances if in a public place and where lot of other people could conceivably hear me I'd say "What's a louie bag?" and feign ignorance. Better pretend it's a fake than have it bag-napped!
  3. They're crazy indeed! I'm just glad you're safe!
  4. always be wary of strangers asking you about your things. i've heard of poeple being asked by random strangers if their bag is real... only to be followed to the parking lot to grab it and run.
  5. Whaaat? Scary!! Glad you pulled out of it okay! OMG!
  6. Oh, that's a tough situation... say "yes it's real" and risk being robbed... or lie and say "no it's a fake". Who wants to say they have a fake when they don't. - I'm glad you weren't hurt and they didn't get the bag.
  7. Then we shouldn't compliment people on the street for their great taste in bags??? I wonder if that's what happend in the toilet with the lady and
    luvpurses24 in the thread "I want my compliment back"

    Although, I'm glad to hear you're okay! I won't bring my louie to a night club though it stinks out the bag unl,ess you are a smoker and people aren't very careful at clubs and people might tip their drinks over it and they won't pay for the dry cleaning!!!
  8. OH MY GOSH. They are fools. I would have just said "Yes it's real but before you get any clever ideas i have a Knuckle duster in my pocket :wtf:" yes i'm not that violent but i would love a Lv Knuckle duster , In white gold , with lil diamonds! heh anyway I always carry Something to protect myself if a situation occured. But i have seen a group of guys staring at my bag then whispering then slowly following me, i just went near the biggest security guard i could find :supacool: But i'm glad your safe!! :smile:
    stories like this scare me :sad:
  9. Wow thats crazy and scary! sorry
  10. :wtf: glad you and your bag are safe.
  11. Sounds like the little girlie had already been partying.... I'm glad nothing happened except she embarrassed herself .
  12. Wow scary! Glad you didnt lose your bag or get hurt!
  13. WHOA! :wtf: I would hae sceamed my head off........I am so glad you and your bag are okay!
  14. This particular Louis has been going through a lot =P I bought it for that purpose and smoking is banned here so it wont stink =)

    I think those girls were a bit tipsy. =P
  15. i've been in this situation before!! It was actually in a shopping centre and i was sitting on a bench waiting for god knows what lols. There was a bunch of teenagers guys and girls telling me that my bag was pretty when they walked past, it was the cerises pochette, and asked if it was real.. And the next thing i knew, one of them like real big girl tried to grab it off me to get a closer look.

    Bf was coming out of a shop and came towards me. That must have scared her off, BF is hunky. Lols. The whole bunch ran away upon that. I was just feeling ??? that they would resort to that. Normally i wouldn't mind letting others have a look at my purse, but who knows what they might do with it?? Since these days, its not uncommon to have a grab and go situation. guess we'll just have to take extra care of our babies =)