Crazy symptoms but negative tests?

  1. Hey all!
    Just a quick question... anyone know why I might have multiple pregnancy symptoms (gone up a cup size, missed period, cramps in lower abdomen and lower backache) but all of my Early Preg. Tests have come up negative? I tested first thing this morning too..and my period is now 5 days late.:confused1:
  2. You should wait a while, maybe when you´re 10 days late and test again. Those symptoms sound very good though!
  3. Thanks for your quick response:yes:!
    I wouldn't be so worried if I hadn't had a MC in January...the symptoms are familiar for being pregnant but not showing up an a test worries me that it's not a strong enough pregnancy to last if it is in fact a pregnancy. Last time was a blighted ovum.
  4. I am going thru the same thing...I am now 6 days late, have "cramps", lower back pain and am so tired...but have taken several tests (all in the morning) and they are negative. :nogood:
  5. Try testing in a week or so. Better yet, have your dr. send you for a blood test.
  6. Try again in a few days. My first tests were neg. also but I knew I had to be pregnant. I just had all the symptoms. My first positive was very faint. I thought it was neg. also until I compared it with the pos. I got 2 days later.
  7. My period was late for a week and I tested and it was negative...the nurse who tested said "I'm so sorry dear" because she saw my face fall when she said the test came negative!

    I was pregnant though.
  8. I would also wait awhile and then take another test. BTW- soemtimes when you are really trying to get pregnant, your mind plays psychosomatic tricks and your body thinks it's pregnant when it really isn't. I hope this is NOT the case with you...
  9. Yep, I've heard of the whole "phantom pregnancy" thing too, but trust me- I was not trying at this point! I have been really enjoying my margaritas and wine this summer and we decided to put "trying" on hold until the fall. So I was definitely in this case not thinking about the possibility or hoping for it:sweatdrop:
  11. :confused1:

    I've never heard of this. Not to sound crazy, but I kept taking tests all throughout my pregnancy and they never came back negative... and I'm talking about once a week. I had a MC immediately prior to becoming pregnant, so I was on the lookout.
  12. If the HGC levels in your urine are not high enough, you will get a negative on the test, even if you are pregnant, KWIM? Some are as sensitive as detecting 25, others don't until 100 or so. Also, even if you have a miscarriage you can test positive on a pregnancy test. Your HGC levels may not return to normal for a few weeks. Peeing on a stick every week won't tell you if you lost the baby. I had a m/c at 6 weeks, but didn't start spotting until 11. I still tested positive by a blood test at 10 weeks.