CRAZY Shoe sale @ Harolds!!!

  1. Harold's

    I just went in my local store to check out their sale rack and ended up wasting all my time in the shoes! LOL!

    They're SICK cheap! There's a ton of really cute shoes there!:yes:

    I find that I went down 1/2 size in everything.
    I'm always an 8, possibly an 8.5 in some shoes and I wore a 7.5 in almost everything there and a 7 in one or 2 styles.
    Mine are on hold, I'm going back this afternoon to pick up these:
  2. I love that second pair! I want some.
  3. they're $26 from $128!!!!!!!!!
    That's stealing I swear!!!
  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!!
  5. OH lucky you, nice shoes! I so need shoes for work! I wish I was in the US now!:Push:
  6. wow! lucky you! great shoes!
  7. Great shoes and at great prices!!!!
    I love stealing!!!:supacool:
  8. Oh my gosh!!!! That cheap from $128 to $26? Wow, can you buy online?
  9. ^ Never mind, I see the that you can !!!! Ok taking out the plastic!
  10. Cute shoes!
  11. Grand theft shoe! These prices are crazy!
  12. I put a couple of things in my shopping cart, proceded to checkout and saw sales tax added. I'm in NC and there are no Harolds here. Any idea why that is? That on top of the shipping charge sort of takes the excitement out of the sales prices. :sad:
  13. they are in NC:

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]NORTH CAROLINA[/FONT]Temporary Location
    Specialty Shops on the Park
    6401 Morrison Boulevard – Suite 4A
    Charlotte, NC 28211
    (704) 366-8303

    Crabtree Valley Mall
    4325 Glenwood Avenue
    Raleigh, NC 27612
    (919) 782-2655
    Ladies' and Men's
  14. Well go figure! I obviously had no idea. The Charlotte location is across the road from the Hoitie-Toitie mall I go to! I wonder if they're having that sale there? I could use some serious hands-on retail therapy right now and I wouldn't have to pay shipping !! :tender:
  15. Prada Psycho, are you near Triangle Square Mall? I think that's the name of it.