Crazy Seller

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  1. Okay so I am dealing with a nut case! I won a bag on ebay NWOT, it wasn't. The seller also folded it three times to smash it into a small shipping box. So I emailed her when I got the bag, and let her know I was disappointed. She went insane. Saying I am a liar and she is contacting ebay saying I am harassing her. She even altered an email I sent her, making it look like I am threatening her with legal action?! I will post a screen shot here in a bit. I mean I told her to stop contacting me and move one, at this point she is harassing me. Should I do anything further? I already left her a much much deserved negative.
  2. This was my last email to her

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  3. This is what it shows as me saying on her last email to me at the bottom. I am starting to really find it comical, because for one she can't even spell "lawyer." And making it look like I typed this. Should I just move on? I am so torn.

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  4. And one more to top it off. She literally will not stop messaging me.

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  5. I would stop responding to her and call eBay and ask them how to handle this situation. I'm sure if you wanted to return the item, they will allow you but I would probably get it professionally packed at a ups store and have them notate the serial number on the bag on the receipt. That way if she accuses you of sending a fake bag, you have the evidence. I stopped dealing with eBay because of all the crazies!
  6. Are all the emails through eBay? Call them and have them take a look at this seller. What does her Toolhaus feedback look like?
  7. Yep all through ebay messaging. The last message really put me over the edge. Digging my grave?!? I don't like that. Threatening me with legal action because I said she lied about the description and packaged it horribly? She needs taken off eBay.
  8. The thing is I never once said to the seller I wanted to return it, I didn't ask for any kind of refund or anything. I simply wanted to let them know I was disappointed in their description being inaccurate and the way they shipped it. Then she went crazy on me saying I am harassing her and all of the stuff you have seen. I am done, there is no way to report messages on ebay anymore, unless I just can't find it....
  9. Her toolhaus only has 3 other negatives and 2 neutral, she has almost 2k in feedback. They all said she is terrible to work with and lies about condition of her items.....hmmmm.
  10. I agree that she sounds crazy but if you are not looking for any recourse for this, I would just back away. You have left a neg to reflect your experience with her. Don't engage her in any further communication. Block her messages to you.
  11. How can I do that? I don't want her contacting me again, ever.
  12. Each message has a "report this message" button. Hit it and report every one of her messages.

    If you haven't left feedback do so.

    If you want to return the bag, open a SNAD dispute. DO NOT communicate any further other than through the dispute console.

    ETA: Does the seller happen to be located in Texas?
  13. Is it just me or is the button gone? I have been looking everywhere for the report button. I left appropriate feedback saying the seller is rude, the bag was not as described and was packaged badly. Nope, not out of Texas, New York I think.
  14. OMG. She does sound like a nutcase. I would not want to have anything more to do with her. Report the messages, call eBay and explain that she is harassing you and making up these messages and ask them to stop her from communicating with you.
  15. I just checked a few of my recent messages and the " Report an inappropriate email" is indeed gone.