Crazy Seller...sorry it's so long but this is actually the abreviated version! :o)

  1. I bought an item from a seller back on Jan 25th. When it did not arrive by Feb 2nd I e-mailed her about it. She e-mailed me back to say PayPal never told her she had received payment (Which was a lie because she e-mailed me directly after payment on Jan 25th to say I forgot to pay insurance, which I promply did) and then she said that because she didn't know I had paid, that she had not sent it out. Not only had we had correspondence but wouldn't anyone who sells on eBay be concerned that a $200 item was not paid for after 9 days? Don't you think if that was really the case she would have e-mailed me first about payment? Or filed NPB to get her listing fees back?

    She then said she mailed it out Priority on Sat Feb 3rd. I waited until Feb 14th and still no item. I then e-mailed her to say it had not arrived still and she did not respond. So after another week,I e-mailed again. Now it's Feb 21st and she e-mailed me back to say that I needed to call the post office, have them search the "Dead Mail" section, I needed to fill out the appropriate paperwork to get the insurance....blah, blah".Meanwhile I had never even received any confirmation number...nothing! I did, however, go to the post office and have them check just for sh**ts and giggles. NO item.

    Then, she tried to tell me it was not her responsibility because she ships "FOB" she's some sort of factory rep!! I told her, "Really? Well, you told me yourself you just shipped it out on Saturday, Priority Mail"
    When I told her that the confirmation number she gave me shows NO information, (The Track and Confirm of both online and by phone said I needed to "contact the sender regarding this package") she said it was because the mail carrier came to her house to pick up the package and they don't carry scanners. Well, OK, but when he got it back to the post office don't you think they would scan it then??

    I informed her that she as the seller needed to refund my money and she herself needed to apply for insurance as it would be issued to the sender of the package and the person in possession of the original receipt. In fact, I linked her to the postal web pages that stated exactly those facts! I even sent her the e-mail the post office sent me saying that the only information they had about this package was that she had applied for shipping. Plus, I called the post office myself to assure that I was, in fact, correct. They told me that yes, since the item NEVER arrived that the sender would be the one to file for insurance reimbursement.

    Then she e-mails me and wants the phone number and address of my local post office. Which just for the sake of entertainment, I gave to her.At first I only gave the post office address and name because the number was not listed in the phone book and I was late for work. She e-mailed back saying thanks and that is was OK without the phone number because she had "A connection" at the post office who could give her any phone number of any branch and that she would call this person "later". So, I called the main post office number and requested the direct number of my local branch. I sent her another e-mail with the phone number stating that one did not need "A Connection" at the post office to get the information and that I figured by her saying she would call this person "later" that she was again trying to buy time. But alas, she didn't contact me again for an additional 24 hours.

    Today I e-mailed her and told her that I was tired of the song and dance and that if I don't have my money refunded by Monday, I was filing with PayPal. I sytematically pointed out all of her rediculous attempts to blow me off. Told her that she didn't get ANYTHING past me but that I was in fact entertaining this whole thing but that now I was DONE!!!! I want my money!!!!! It's obviously gone...give me MY MONEY!!!

    Tonight she sends me an e-mail that her post master wants to call me and she asks for my phone number so she can explain this situation. I don't care if the Post Master General wants to talk to me!!! I just want this whack job to give me my money back! What in God's name is she going to explain to me about the fact that I have not received an item I purchased a month ago and she has also not even really proven that it's been mailed! So far she has given me such a run around including saying that she's not obligated to refund the money, I should wait an additional 30 days to see if it arrives etc. Well, since my 45 days will be up with PayPal on March 11, I obviously have no intention of waiting until after that, I'm not stupid!

    She said she needs to look into this further before she refunds my money because she has dishonest buyers all the time trying to say they didn't receive items. Well, the burden of proof is on her and the fact that the Delivery Confirmation shows that I DID NOT RECEIVE THE ITEM should be proof enough!

    At this point I don't even want to converse further with her. I just want my money back!! Should I just file with PayPal or give it extra time since I have until March 11? I don't plan on corresponding with her further and I certainly don't want her calling me! Should I just not respond to her last e-mail and wait until Monday to file? HELP.........................I have been buying on eBay a long time and have never encountered anything like this!!! She has over 2,000 feedback and it's mostly positive feedback so I figured she was a good seller. ARGH..............................

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Oy, what a nightmare! If it were me, I would file with Paypal. She is obviously trying to pull the wool over your eyes...her postal carrier wants to call you? I have never heard of such a thing! Good luck, and I would file ASAP!
  3. Please leave her a negative NOW and file with Paypal, ASAP. :yes:

    As the shipper of the parcel, the onus is on HER to reclaim compensation from the P.O. to cover HER loss; not you, as you are NOT responsible for a package someone else shipped, until you have signed for it/it is in your hands!

    I very much doubt that she ever sent a package, anyway and 'the Post Master wants to talk to you'? Pl-ease! :rolleyes:
  4. I agree. I know someone who tried to be nice and not leave a negative because the shipper was working with her and it's been 6 months and still no money or bag. Don't let that happen to you.
  5. As far as I know, the Post Master General only gets involved in things that are a federal crime, such as mail fraud (not lost packages) and child porn by mail, and so on. This person is nutters. File straight away. I am sure she was going to have some goofy friend posing as a postal inspector call you, which would have been good for a laugh and some fun posting here on tPF, but that is all.
  6. Yes, don't wait, file with paypal right away. It is the seller's responsibility to prove that she shipped the item, which it sounds like she can't do. It is also her responsibility to file for insurance. So you should get your money back from her for non receipt and then if appropriate and she really did mail the item, she needs to file the insurance claim. I wouldn't even bother corresponding with her anymore -- let paypal take care of it.
  7. OH! She obviously has no intention to sell her item or unhappy with the final price and try not to ship your item. I've the similiar experince, won LV in cheap enough price & seller has my LV till now & has not ship yet even it's passed 1 month now.

    I don't think if encounter such this nasty seller, you still want her item! ( in my case, I bored to wait & hear her any reason why she still has my LV ( "she's in holiday series, item return and the other bullzhit things like that" ) and finally, I decided, I don't want that LV anymore ) so go to file dispute with PayPal.

    This type of seller/ppl just waste our time. Just get back your money and find another item with trustworthy seller
  8. Phew.....thanks you guys!! I figured I was doing the right thing by just turning it in! She has since e-mailed me saying that she has not heard from me, she wants to speak with me by phone and that I need to call her tomorrow! No way!
    LVGodiva..I thought exactly what you said! I was the only person to bid on the item about 30 seconds before it ended and thought she might not be happy with the final outcome!! Glad to know I'm not just paranoid!

    arjeepgirl....good luck on your LSAT's! Mt girlfriend just took hers last month. You'll have a load off once that's done!!

    Irishgal....that thought passed my mind, too! I figured she'd have someone call pretending to be the post master!! Again, glad to know I'm not paranoid! hehe p.s. I love your term that she's "nutters"!
  9. I appreciate it. I was going to take the MCAT but realized that scrubs are not very fashionable. Ha Ha. Let us know what happens with your claim!
  10. :yes: She & her may friend maybe planning to playing or act like actress & actor~act as postal inspector :lol::lol: If they do it, it'll turn to serious law case~act as postal inspector!!
  11. What a nut job... file with Paypal NOW! It's her job as a seller to make sure the item gets to you or you get a refund. If she does claim the postal service lost it don't let her give you any crap about waiting for the insurance claim to go through, either. This whole mess is on her, you shouldn't have to worry about it.
  12. Sounds like she's stringing you along. Do as chloehandbags suggest and file a complaint and neg her! She might be more accommodating then. If she doesn't want to sell you the bag, then just say so... she's delibrately wasting your time so you can't file a claim!
  13. omg gosh 1 even though your story is terrible i couldnt help laughing at how crazy that seller is ! :roflmfao: open a dispute and dont even wait for her response - escalate to claim straight away !!!!:yes:
  14. File a paypal dispute immediately, IF it turns up you can cancel the action, but I honestly wouldnt give this person another minute of my time!

    Hope you get it sorted and get a refund asap.
  15. I agree i would file with Paypal and Ebay and it is does happen to turn up which it sounds like it isnt (unless it arrives by flying pigs) you can always cancel your dispute.