Crazy sales this year in Europe ???!!!!

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  1. I don´t know how to feel about this....I live in a super expensive country where we´re not even used to big sales, or coupon or offers....but ALWAYS pay the big full price.
    BUT this winter the sales didn´t start with 30%, but directly to 50% and 2 weeks later we are at 70% in some shops !!:wtf:
    Of course I love buying designer brands and good quality I wouldn´t be able to afford otherwise, but also I can really feel the economical crisis, some shops are closing down, it´s sad....
    What have you noticed in your country ?
  2. In my part of the USA, the sales haven't been that great yet. I'm still waiting for stores to mark their items down more than 50%.

    Have fun shopping! Let us know if you score any really great deals!!
  3. Here in Belgium the sales started at 50% off in many shops. And now I see some which are at 70% off already... Crazy!
  4. I don't think I've seen more than 50% off, but I guess that might be a lot for some brands :shrugs:
  5. I'm sure you've heard about the crazy sales here in the US. The crazy sales kind of turned me off to shopping. All of the consumption, the greed, the excess, the faltering economy, the bailouts... all of it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. ^^The sales were NOWHERE near the sales you guys had at Saks, for example. That I would have noticed.
  7. Sales in Oslo started in 30%s in decmber (before christmas eve) and continued with clearances and to the 50% 70% right after.

    Here further south it's also very great sales, so yes, there's definitly a differnce.
  8. There are already some sales that are 70% and I love it :smile:
  9. The sales are still on. I saw a Marc Jacobs 'Stam' bag for £350 and various Balenciagas all reduced. Some of the department stores still have 70% off a lot of goods. The New Year sales never go on this long.
  10. Sales have been going on since August. First, it was normal, end of season and all. But it's kind of odd to see SALE signs on store windows and naked mannequins for months straight after that.