CRAZY request

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  1. Call me crazy...( I know!!!) If anyone passes up the Gold Papillon, would you please PM me and let me know where to call and snatch it up??? Many thanks ladies!!!:heart:
  2. Good luck Sunshine!!!!!!!
  3. I thought of this yesterday, when there were a few people on the board deciding against....the problem is most stores have long lists and will go off those lists first.

    You might ask Kathy if she knows which stores have shorter lists, so you might get lucky with the second shipments...she called a bunch yesterday determined to get a speedy.

    Good luck! I hope you find one :smile:
  4. I may need it Twiggers!!! The Silver speedy is on its way...but I think the Pap would be a GREAT evening bag!! Im hooked on this Mirior line. (I wonder if its becuase it so hard to get!!) you know..thrill of the chase thing...Nah....I LOVE IT!
  5. well i hope u'll get it!! i'm definitely not ur competitor...i don't like the line! good luck!
  6. LOL thanks Rensky!! Now if only I can get a few hundred others to dislike it!!
  7. I will look for you J!
  8. I will ask around.
  9. Thanks Selena! Loved talking to you tonight. I wish you did not live so damn far away. :sad:((
  10. Thanks Kathy!!!!
  11. How much are the pochettes? I'd like a gold one, even though I shouldn't.
  12. Good question!! much are the paps???
  13. Me too!!! Wish we could meet for a drink!!!!
  14. The paps are 1170, and the pouchettes are around 560...I know I should know the pouchette...but forget must be repressed.
  15. Im QUITING after the weekend we just had...:crybaby: lol..j/k I think you and I would get in TROUBLE together!!!!!!!!!!!