Crazy Red head Edith makes another appearance.

  1. Yep I got her today.....Wow!

    I've seen them in stores but never touched or experimented with this bag. Now that I have one IRL I'm amazed how cool it is. My misconception of this Chloe was that it was HUGE and really it's NOT. The red is very gorgeous and goes with my clothes nicely.

    I only bought this bag because A) it was red and B) it was a fabulous bargain.

    I thought I would regret getting this purse especially if the red Heloise ever went on sale and as much as I love the Heloise I'm totally digging my red EDITH!!!!!!!! No regrets!!:woohoo:
    Thanks gals for nudging me and opening up my eyes.:love:
  2. congrats and modelling pics please....
  3. Congrats:woohoo::tup::woohoo:!!!! Now where are those modeling pics:drool:...
  4. Comgrats, red is such a great color, and totally agree, it's a hands on to truly appreciate the Edith. Yes, we need pics!!
  5. I will take pics. Stay tuned!!!
  6. red edith is one of the best red bags ever! wish i could find one! congrats!
  7. Yay, congratulations on your rEdith! :tup: Look forward to the pix.
  8. It is a terrific bag and you will find one, these things pop up helter skelter, just be poised and ready! :biguns:
  9. Yea Suze!!! I can't wait to see yours IRL and then we can take pictures together. You could also post your picture with Tommy Lee. What bag were you carrying then?
  10. Oh YAY! Glad you love her and we wanna see some pics :heart::yes:
    I love Edith and have been using Paddy lately, but you are inspiring me to pull her out tomorrow :smile:
  11. Congrats! I did not know red Ediths were still around. What a find! Please let us know if more pop up!
  12. wait a minute...did u just say Tommy Lee?

  13. Believe it or not yes....:rolleyes: he was in Chicago this August while my family and I were vacationing, my niece saw him dining on the sidewalk on her way to joining us for dinner. She beckons me to approach him and get a picture for Divnanata who loves this skank, LOL..he is actually cute. BTW the niece is DN's daughter.

    So yes a picture was taken and Nata wants to have it in her possession. :yucky:
  14. can't wait to see modeling pics!!! i'm sure it's gonna look great on you. Congratulations on your new RED edith!!!! :love: