Crazy re-sell prices

  1. Which Chanel bag surprised you with its over the odds re-sell price on eBay?

    I know Valentine Chains go for over $2K now.
  2. i can't say i was too surprised since the link to the auction was posted here, but that vintage hobo (the one the Olsen twins have) went for an astronomical sum (close to $3000?) on eBay recently!
  3. I think the original cabas went way over retail a couple of months ago. I was kicking myself for turning it down because I thought it was too big for me. LOL. I could have made some $ for other Chanels. LOL.
  4. when the denim bag came out, I saw some sellers on eBay asking more than double retail.
  5. I paid slightly over retail for my red jumbo flap.
  6. I've seen the vinyl coco cabas on ebay for $1700!!!!! Makes me think about making some money on mine.
  7. That's ridiculous~!
  8. this is what you could...taking advantage:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  9. I just bought the light green medallion bag at Saks for $769 plus tax and then saw 3 listings for the exact same bag on ebay for $1,200-1,400! The same bag! Glad to say none of them have sold.
  10. Ouch!:sweatdrop:
  11. definitely the lambskin tote (the "Olsen Twins" tote) that sold on ebay. Close to 3K and it was only a retail bag of around $1200.00. I see many ebayers trying to sell Chanel anywhere between $200 and $1000 above retail for current bags that you can still get in stores if you shop around. I am not surprised that they are NOT selling.LOL
  12. Reissues. For $2800+!!!
  13. Oh and i HATE when I see these specific sellers saying "SOLD OUT in all Chanels worldwide" when I see them in the stores all the time. Please!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ^^ Agreed. This applies to lots of stuff. Like clothes etc. Very annoying cos you know there are still heaps of stock in stores.

  15. Argh that frustrates me too. Its sucha ploy to get people to buy the bags. Its sad because people who just really like it, and don't research it get suckered. But I guess you have to look at buying a purse like a car, do some research and take the ten minutes to go on the internet and do a search to see what you can learn.;)