Crazy question

  1. Is it possible to add feet the bottom of a LV bag and still have it under the LV warranty? Its just a question I was wondering about, don't worry I am not that
  2. Absoluetly not~ Lv will Not work on any bag that has been altered at all. Hope this helps...:flowers: I would like feet on my bags as prevent dirtiness :yes:
  3. but then if you had feet on the bottom of a bag that's not supposed to have feet in the first place, it could be mistaken for a fake, which is common with Speedies and Almas :lol:
  4. don't do it! it will look fake if you add feet to a bag that is not supposed to have them. :sweatdrop: and your LV bag will loses its warranty.
  5. Exactly!!! Don't do it!
  6. No. I would assume by doing this the warranty will be invalid.
  7. If your not bothered that people would think that your bag is fake and you are doing this for a practical reason to you....then do it. Get some superglue and some peices of metal and glue away !
  8. ^^ITA...please don't do it...LV would not touch that bag with a 10 foot pole if you made any alterations (lining, feet...). And the rest made a very good and valid point about it looking fake...u'll have problem selling it off (if u ever have the intention) in future too...
  9. I am not adding feet to any bag. I only own one so far which I love. I was just wondering about it because the next bag that I am ordering doesn'thave feet but :queen: I WOULD NEVER EVER ALTER A LV in any way unless LV does it.
  10. I know it's your bag and you can do what you want to it. BUT, I would NOT recommend trying to do any alterations to the bag. As someone else said, LV will NOT do any work to a bag that you've altered in some way, which even includes treating the leather.
  11. I wouldn't do it. It you want feet, buy a bag with feet. :yes:
  12. ^^ I agree with this. :yes:
  13. :wtf: -----------> :noggin:
  14. What???...:blink: :lecture: :death: That would be committing LV suicide!!!
  15. Totally agree!