Crazy Question

  1. I was just wondering, does anybody have a Birkin and Kelly in the same color and leather. Not considering black. I know they are two completely different styles But side by side in the same color and leather maybe would be to much. I would one day like to have one in chocolate or maybe both. What do you ladies think?:girlsigh:
  2. There are no rules in collecting what you love! Perhaps varying the leather might be nice, though. Chocolate is my favorite! You could get a dressier chocolate box Kelly and a choco. Birkin in something like Togo or chevre?
  3. Thanks Greentea All your choices sound divine:yes:
  4. Yes, one particular leather/color I have in 3 styles, I felt...well I love it as kelly, so get the birkin! I did this with oranges, blues, purples, and reds.
  5. WOW! Avandome, I'm just afraid I would use one more than the other. Sounds like your have a fab collection.:flowers:
  6. Thanks, I think Kou is planning on getting all sorts of styles in the same leather too! I do switch my bags often so that none of them get too worn out.
  7. Yup yup~ I wanna get them all in fuchsia ostrich, and then I'll get another identical set as back-up, and for my utmost favorite Hermes bag, I'll get 3 of the same thing so I'll have one that I use, one that is a back-up, and one that is the back-up of the back-up~

    I sounded like "Monk"...
  8. Hi Toonie, I second Greentea! It's nice to vary the leather if you like a particular color a long as the color looks good in the leather choices. I have a cognac Birkin in chevre & cognac Evelyne in epsom, the leather variation is an interesting touch.

    IMHO, Chocolate looks very good on box calf, chevre, Togo/Clemence. The only one I didn't like is Chocolate on has a washed, dull look, which is not very appealing visually.
  9. You are So Funny Ko!;)
  10. Thank you Gigi, What other leathers have some shine besides box? My kelly in Lachee v is kind of matte. My next purchase I hope Will have some shine to it.Does clemence? Thanks:flowers:
  11. Anytime, Toonie! Clemence is matte. Besides box, another leather that has beautiful sheen/shine is chevre...& of course, the creme de la creme.... glazed croc!:tender:
  12. I think my new black Kelly is Lachee v...I'm confused. The SA told me it's Togo (I have a Trim in Togo), but this one is smaller grain and matte.
  13. Chevre, toonie will have a soft "shine". I have two black bags. One is black Chamonix on the Bolide and the other is black Box on the HAC. I would love to have a black Chevre de Coromandel in a Kelly. Each the same color but distinctly different...the Chevre with a little shine to it, Chamonix is a matte finish and Box is...well wonderful Box!
  14. it sounds fine... your notion doesn't sound silly at all... seriously!:flowers:
  15. yes i sdid (tkae into ccount the different shades of one colour on different skins) for example a blue jean in epsom is pale blue while on togo it is sky blue and on clemence it is even more darker. so go for it