Crazy Question....

  1. I haven't heard this mentioned before but do the handles of kellys get really loose over time,and flop, side to side? I have noticed that a few of mine seem to be getting to the point where they move around alittle.I hope this is not the case.I like them to stay put,and stand erect.:yes:
  2. ^^^i've seen pics of vintage and pre-owned where the handles definitely lean... would the type of leather effect this, or maybe just over time, since leather is something that softens/stretches with use, it's inevitable?
  3. I think alot has to do with how you care for your Kelly. (both in usage and in storage)
  4. the handles on my black chevre kelly were very loose for some reason (and the bag was an '05) -- I sent to NYC to be repaired and it came back almost the same...not sure they can do anything but perhaps it is the leather...
  5. Hmmmm......good question, Toonie. I don't have the answer but I do know that my three vintage Kelly's have strong and sturdy handles even after all this time. Two are Box calf and one is Croc. I'm thinking the leather has all the world to do with it?
  6. It has never happened to me, maybe it has to do with how one handles the bag.
  7. I have a 1959 kelly and the handle is fine up until now.
    H did not even touch it when I had it treated for a spa!

  8. Yes....and it can be fixed easily by Hermes - they just put a few extra stitches at the base of the handle. Happened to a croc Kelly at my store (who's handle was at almost a 90 degree angle to the bag!). It all depends on your craftsman...they say the handle is the hardest part to master! It's caused by either loose stitching, or leather stretching over a long period. Don't over-stuff your bags, Ladies!
  9. Thanks everyone^^I started to notice this happening on my 35 togo kelly and my 32 vl kelly.I really baby my bags,I don't like floppy handles but I can handle batwings on my birkins;)
  10. Question: how does everyone store their Kellys and will that help prevent this problem?
  11. yeah toonie, a craftsman once told me that the handle on my Kelly could be tightened during refurbishment if i specified i wanted it done.
  12. j - I store all mine lying down in their boxes. Apparently that's how they like to "rest" - LOL! Lying them down (as they come in their boxes) puts the least amount of stress on the body of the bag, and the tissue supports the handle.

    The leather on the handle stretching is unaviodable in certain types of leather (box, for example) if it's older and if it has been carried a lot, or loaded up heavily. Also, as I mentioned, it all depends on the craftsman as well, and how tight they stitched their handle in the first place. It's not a big deal to have the handle tightened, though.

    Sort of like re-virginising.
  13. :lol:Grand Fonds^^
  14. This makes me feel better knowing I can have a tightening if needed.I do store mine in there boxes.I did notice when I first purchased my togo kelly,that the handle was a tiny bit loose or slightly floppy.:yes:Ahhh, I can relax now thanks guys!