Crazy question on attaching initial charm

  1. I just got this bag from eBay (totally in love) but my new initial "K" charm doesn't fit. WAH!!!!!!!! The hardware on the purse is too thick. I can make it fit where the hook attaches on the left side of this picture but it sticks out kind of funky. I don't want to attach it on the chain on the right because it hangs to low.

    Anyone else have problems with the Legacy hardware?

  2. I have problems attaching it on a couple of my bags so I have attached a charm to the chain that holds the hangtag. Here's a pic of mine, it wouldn't fit around the rings that hold the handles on.
    skull 001.jpg
  3. I've had to attach my charms to the hangtag on the right of my Ali. With how thick the hardware is, I haven't been able to attach it anywhere else.
  4. I hook it where the two keyrings open one.
    The one keyring on the leash of the bag and the second keyring on the keyfob so that they hook together and they hold.
    Uhm, I don't think I explained that well.
    Did that make sense?
  5. You do make sense, LOL! That's where I have mine but it kind of hangs funny.

    I may hang it off where the hang tags are but that's a bit too low. AGH!
  6. I can see where it could hang too low, hmmm.
  7. Well I don't do the mixing metals thing, so I wouldn't put a charm on this bag. But that's just me.
  8. I am so much more aware of the mixed metal thing now. It doesn't always bother me but I find myself leaving the charms off of the gold hardware bags.
  9. I am glad you posted this. I was going to go out and buy a charm for my legacy bag but I will just have to find something else.
  10. On my bags that the hardware is too thick to use the charm, then I use the same one that the Coach tag is on, too...

    My daughter has her charms hanging on the big clip on the end of the strap and they look great! She took the clip off the bag; put the charms on it and then reclipped it to the bag -- so the charms are on the outside of the bag. They're more protected that way, too.
  11. Yeah, I had the same problem attaching my zodiac charms to it. *I have one that's my sign, and one that's my moms on my bag, since we live in different states now* So I just attached them to the hangtag chain. I will say as soon as I find a better alternative I will be changing it, because I've lost hangtags before and had no idea how or when, and I don't want to lose my charms that way.

    On my indigo patchwork tote from last year, I bought the matching keyfob and attached that, so I may just buy another keyfob that I like, and attach it to the fat ring, then hang charms off it instead.
  12. I had a hard time also getting my J charm onto my big tote without it sticking out (the one in the middle)...sorry don't remember the style name. Anyway, the bottom piece of the buckle isn't too thick for the charm so I just took the strap out of that part and put the charm there. I don't think it's too noticeable.