Crazy question...Has anyone here ever taken pole dancing classes??

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  1. I wanted to know because it sounds very interesting and I would like to surprise my fiance on our anniversary.
  2. Now that is what I call dedication. :nuts:
  3. Well, I take Jazz and Flamenco !!

    But I dont think that will have the same effect your looking for !!!!!

    Please keep us posted.
  4. I know Crunch Gym offers striptease cardio, it kinda started a craze and now there are a few videos out, like the ones by Carmen Electra.

    I'd be a little hesitant at first, but I'd probably enjoy learning. I know the bf would :nuts:
  5. Really!!!. I will look into it today. I figure its time to try something new. I do the regular workout thing. But I figure that we will both reap the benefits of this. I think its a fun thing to share with your partner.

    I already have the song I would like to practice to I just need the classes and the outfit.
    Thanks Cristina!!
    If anyone has anymore suggestions let me know. Our anniversary is in late April.!!!
  6. I'd love to learn Pole Dancing. I've been looking on Ebay but haven't been able to find a Polish National Costume. :sad:
  7. Not only can you buy the vids, but some Gyms have an actual class!

    Not gonna lie, I am dying to take one!!! :amuse:
  8. I haven't taken an official class (I have a friend who is a dancer and she has her own pole)

    Working on the pole is so much fun and it is a great workout. Because you are actually trying to 'work' towards a goal you can see, whether it be pole tricks or just being barely notice the time go by.

    And it tones you up very well. But since you aren't looking to learn tricks, just to dance for will be even easier Dceneus.

    There nare a bunch of dvds that can show you striptease/lapdance moves. I'm guessing you don't have a pole in your that is probably better than going to a class.

    Here is a link to some dvds: The second third or fourth ones should be suitable for you.