Crazy Pricing

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  1. omg ... that really is a crazy price!!

    oh and i'm sure someone posted this before but did you guys see that "necklace" (the zipper pull on a chain) that's selling on eBay? I saw it for the first time and I couldn't stop laughing. I thought "so THAT's what happens to the missing zipper pulls in the stores!"
  2. O__O no comment.
  3. First edition qees are really rare so that's why the seller priced it that high. I don't agree that it should cost that much though. *SIGH*
  4. Not THAT rare though lol. But, it might just be me...not tryna tell people not to bid (bid if you want :biggrin:)...but I personally would not buy a meomi qee or any qee for over $15.
  5. I know! cant u just get a bag from the hawaii outlets? 75 bucks is like half a bag!
  6. Exactly what I am thinking!
  7. i saw that, i know it's rare but it isn't worth that much! regular qees only go for less than $10.
  8. I love the meomi qee and really want one, but i'd never in a millioni years pay $75 for one. If someone does, they are quite foolish, IMO.
  9. Yikes...but maybe we should avoid posting stuff about this person though..they might come back on here and cause trouble again and our forum might close down. Just a thought.
  10. Let's see who will eventually buy the qee. Then we all know that they are plenty of either rich or foolish ppl out there. Hey, in this world, anything can sell at any price.
  11. True, like when Britney Spears shaved her head in LA, and there were tons of people in England selling "her hair" the next day on eBay.
  12. i saw the regular one go for $20 the other day!
  13. I'm new to buying qees but I think the general price range for rare 2.5" qees are from $15-$35 at least from what I've seen... A super duper rare one (like limited to 50 or less and/or from only a certain area) can get to be $40-$50 by themselves... but that's really rare

    only a person new to tokidoki and new to qees would pay that much but :shrugs: I'd feel really sorry for them if they didn't do their research

    oh yeah and about the posting of the items :shrugs: I think we should just have one post regarding crazy/weird eBay items again and just keep posting in only that... and we're not actually stating the seller's eBay ID so it's not like it's that searchable on google IMO plus there's nothing wrong w/ us disagree with the price. by just stating our opinion of the price it or item doesn't count as malice toward a person IMO and hopefully the mods blocked her IP address from creating another name?
  14. IDK, I just dont want her going after anyone else, that's why I said it. In my opinion, youre right and we should be able to do what we do...but I guess I'm just trying to be a lil more cautious nowadays.