crazy priced items on ebay are back!

  1. the denaro, angiletto and bambinone OP are back with the same high prices and lacking photos.

  2. I saw that...But I SOOOOO want that Denaro...

    Oh, God help me fight the temptation! LOL!:noggin:
  3. don't do it!!!

    haha...i have an OP denaro w/qee that was only 55 shipped!
    They do exist.
  4. I know...It's just hard to wait it out....

    I have the Black/OP which also cost me $55, but now I want the plain OP....:push:
  5. aww! Yea I understand I want an OP bella bella but I know the camo olive bella bella is the more economical and I don't have any olive...whereas I have a ciao ciao in OP already with qee. GRR!
  6. Well, I suggest you get either Bella Bella in a hurry before the outlets run out, then!

    I'm no help, am I...:nogood:
  7. they know i want the bambinone and are torturing me!! :crybaby:
    i don't know why they didn't lower the prices when those 3 items didn't sell last time... as much as i want them, i'm not willing to pay over 100% more than they cost!! ...:crybaby:
    and shame on them for using stock photos!!!!!!!!
  8. i think she could be reasonable and start them at retail, we all know that they were probably purchased below retail and there'd still be a profit.

    lvixen- shh I know. I need one. I dunno which though!
  9. Uh, get both... I did. *lmao* Did you call our outlet yet?
  10. why why why can't you delete a post once you've made it?

  11. has anyone seen the news report about people lining up for hours (NYC), one person from Va since 2am in the morning for a $15 bag (limited to 2/person) then selling it for $200 on eBay? it reminded me of the lSS sample but that one is even more crazy. It's the "I'm not a plastics bag" canvas bag- limited edition. It's supposed to replace plastic bags in grocery stores. Craziness!!!
  12. no way! what's so great about those "I'm not a plastics bag" bags?

    i missed out on the LSS sample sale and i work right next door! i saw the line going around the corner but had no idea which sample sale it was. :push:
  13. $200???? People are :nuts:!
    I just don't get it. :shrugs:

    First of all, I'm all for being friendly to the environment, and I do recycle my plastic bags to a certain extent at least by re-using them for other purposes (like trash bags)

    That being said...I am not going to switch from the FREE plastic bags they give out at the grocery stores to canvas bags I have to PAY for. Let alone be limited to only 2 bags (A weekly trip to the grocery store for me requires at least 5-6 bags) and wait in a long line just for the privilege to buy them. :nogood::nogood:

    Yeah, maybe if the stores start charging for plastic bags or not offering them, I'll be forced to buy canvas shopping bags, but until that time comes, I'll spend my money on other bags and take the free plastic ones at the store.
  14. Interesting hearing other's thoughts about plastic bags.

    IKEA now does charge for plastic bags. I don't know of any other stores that do yet...

    I have been looking into getting some sort of reusable bags, because the town that I moved to uses so many plastic bags when bagging groceries. I mean they literally put 1 or 2 items in a bag. So what would have taken maybe 2 paper bags takes at least 10 plastic bags. I feel real bad using up that many plastic bags, so I am looking into other options now.