Crazy Price Increases at Elux

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  1. I'm sure these are typos but the Epi Speedy is $6300 while the Epi Petit Noe is $10530. Suhali L'ingenieux is $25620 and there are some other pieces that have crazy prices on them. Kinda amusing to see. I wish the typos would have been the reverse ie. being less than what it was. That would be fun!!!
  2. Wow, that is crazy! I just got off the phone w/ elux for an unrelated concern and I asked about the price increase and was told it was to go into effect today 8/19 at 11:59 pm.
  3. MC Boulogne $4850
  4. These prices have to be typos!!! Ok, price increase, I understand... but that's insane!
  5. lol. someone in IT is gonna get chewed out over this...
  6. They've already gone up :sad:

    Speedy 30 is $700
    Vernis Heart is $405

    These were just a few I noticed....:crybaby:
  7. #7 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008

    went up from 395 to 405

    bandeaus are also up by $10

    all monogramouflage stuff is up too!

    inclusion gm up by 20 bucks

    interesting how things are higher and not lower, maybe they dont have their price set so they use an exaggerated amount knowing people wont buy it

    $1 speedies lol
  8. Drat! Yes, looks like the increases are being updated as we all type. The Kate in my cart is now $580 from $560 and I was JUST logging on to order it. The Bandeaus are now $145 from $135. Eva is $550 from $530. Palermo PM from $1090 from $1050. Batignolles Horizontal $830. :sick:
  9. ^ ugh the eva!!! that was one of my next 2 purchases. oh well.
  10. Wow, this increase wasn't as bad as I feared..I think I can make room for an extra $10 or $20 here and there in my trip wishlist budget..
  11. I just casually looked at the Suhali Le Talenteaux today, and my jaw almost dropped when it was listed at over 20,000. I called them, and she just said there was a price increase today. I said "from 2,800 to over 20,000?", and then she realized it was a typo. At any rate it is a bummer, when I started having an eye for this bag it was 2,300, and now it is 2,900. Does anyone think they will ever go down in price if the dollar ever gets stronger?
  12. no, prices will never go down.
  13. ^^ The prices were adjusted in Canada when the dollar became stronger against the Euro ? I was really excited when that happened ! :graucho:
  14. Well, if the prices were adjusted in Canada, maybe there is some hope. Has anyone ever purchased a LV in Europe, are the prices better, not considering the value of the dollar?