CRAZY People on Ebay!

  1. I am sorry, but I have to get this out. I have had it with dealing with insane people on Ebay!

    I bought an item of clothing from a lady on ebay two days ago. She also lives in NYC, so I asked if I could arrange local pick up. I always do this for my buyers, no questions asked. The seller began by wrtiting back saying local pick up was out of the question and said if I didn't pay, she would report me to ebay. She used all sorts of personal excuses as to why I could not pick up. She also claimed that she lives in a horrible neighborhood in the Bronx, it was the only rent she could afford and she didn't suggest I pick up as the neighborhood was really dangerous (?). I told her this was a bit annoying, as I always allow my buyers to pick up, but I wanted the item and I would pay via Paypal. This is ALLL I said. I am poliet, passive person. I paid her via Paypal. That was it.

    This started a chain reaction of emails. She sent me 9 subsequent emails. In the 9 emails she threatened to report me to ebay, twice threatened to report me to the local police, said not to mess with her because her best friend was a VP for Ebay, her dad was a judge and her husband was a fraud lawyer. She called me a horrible person, wished "bad karma" upon me, accused me of not working for a living (?), and then called me a "*****" and to "get the hell out of" her life.
    She also divulged an enormous amount of personal information which I did not ask for, nor need to know.

    All of this because I asked for a local pick up.

    So after I paid in FULL via Paypal, I did a google on her name. (okay, now you are thinking I'm a stalker, but I was just so curious as to what makes a person act so inappropriately!!)
    Turns out she has a public blog spot. I am positive this is her for several reasons- the main one being she took pictures of the item on her sofa, and the same sofa is pictured on her blog spot!
    So, it turns out she lives within 5 BLOCKS of my apartment in a 24 hour doorman building. Complete liar! This woman is totally insane. Why couldn't I have just picked up the item from her doorman? AND-I don't know where and when she thought it was appropriate to repeatedly email me with all sorts of personal information, threaten me, and call me profain names simply because I asked for a local pick up!

    Has anyone else had and experience like this?
  2. Wow! There sure are some loons out there. Aside from people trying to pass off fakes as real, I haven't encountered anything that crazy on ebay. But I have seen some pretty nutty stuff on the internet generally. Email and the web seem to somehow give people the impression that they can just check their sanity before logging in....
  3. OMG....she sounds a bit nutty and i'm sorry you had to go through this hassle!:blink:

    Anyway - Why would she be living in a dodgy area in the Bronx if her father is a judge and her hubby is a lawyer ..?? O.K!

    Sounds like she has nothing better to do with her life and it looks as though she picked one person at random to harrass.

    I hope you've kept the emails so you can forward them on to Ebay and report her for abuse?

    What a nasty piece of work!:mad:

    I've had some strange buyers, one who threatened to report me to Ebay and leave me negative feedback, called me sad, pathetic, and told me i had no life (whatever?) just because i wasn't going to refund her 65p postage after she returned an item.:amazed:

    Then another who said he wasn't happy with a portable TV he bought for a fiver, then said he was going to send it back - that was 3 months ago and still no returned TV...:rolleyes: :hrmm:
  4. OMG Eire. What a pyscho. I don't know why she would threaten you. All you asked for was a 'local' pick-up. Just plain yes or no. Sheezit. Do you think she can send the package to your work? B/c I wouldn't want her to know where I lived either.
  5. Luckily I live in a doorman building and have roommates, so she's not getting to me.

    Chicky- yes, point well taken: of course she wouldn't live in a sketchy area of the bronx if her husband is a lawyer- turns out she literally lives about 5 blocks from me in a Full Service 24 hour doorman building paying $3200 a month in rent! All of this is on her blog. I almost want to send her one last email telling her I know this- but I, unlike her, can restrain myself!! Of course she could have just left the item with the doorman. She is completely INSANE!

    I sent all the emails to Ebay, but ebay is so crap. They really don't offer any help- on any side.
  6. omg! she sounds nuts! maybe its a good idea that you dont do a pick up from her!!! but i hope you get your item that you paid for!
  7. Postings like these keep me from ever doing anything on Ebay except browse!!
  8. OH my! I had a very similar experience with a seller (maybe it's the same nutjob!?) She had a Chanel bag listed. I didn't question the authenticity AT ALL. I simply asked her where she purchased it & if the receipt would be made available to the winning bidder. I told her that just in case I ever sold it myself, since I am not the original owner, a receipt would be nice to have for proof of purchase. She emails me back & calls me every name in the book. She says OF COURSE I HAVE THE RECEIPT! I BOUGHT IT DIDN'T I !? YOU ONLY WANT THE RECEIPT TO SEE HOW MUCH I PAID FOR IT! I'M A LAWYER & I MAKE 150,000 A YEAR. I DON'T NEED YOUR MONEY, etc...

    Well, I'm shocked! I email her back & tell her "I'm willing to buy this bag without knowing what you paid for it.. I don't care, you could mark that out on the receipt. Where is all this rudeness coming from? I ask you a legitmate question in the most polite why & this is how you come back at me.. (Then I HAD to add...) And I don't give a rat's behind if you are an attorney & my household income is 8 times yours. What was your point with that?! (yes, I know that would make it worse but she started the whole train wreck. I just had to put my dig in)

    She emails me back, calls me a few profanities & blocks me from bidding on any of her auctions (uh, like I would EVER at this point!)

    I go back & read her "about me" page & could tell right away this woman was a total nutcase.. The first line was "I'm the real slim shady, don't mess with me, I won't back down. My occupation is whatever it needs to be in the moment (I got Lawyer:rolleyes: ) It went on & on. It was freaking hilarious (& a bit disturbing!) I wish I would have read that before because I would NOT have contacted her.

    So Yes, I know where you are coming from! Ebay is whackjob central..
  9. Urgh, Eire, I'm so sorry this happened to you. There are so many loonies out in the world.
  10. holy crap! what a nut!! :amazed:

    geeez, you should show up at her door and be like "HEY IT'S THE CRAZY ***** WITH BAD KARMA AND I'M HERE, BIATCCCCHHHH!"
  11. I've been receiving lots of email from random people claiming that they bought an item from me through ebay; and that they never receive the item so if I don't refund them then they'll report me to ebay. These email are new scams trying to scare you, threaten you so you will refund them the amount that they ask for. I really don't know who falls for this crap. I didn't because I haven't sold anything on ebay for a while.
  12. :blink: :shocked: :blink: . Not too sure I'd even WANT that item now if I were you.
  13. Yes, I've gotten those too.. The scammers want you to read this & panic. You click the link to "respond" & then it prompts you to enter in your ebay id & password. Little do you know, you are giving the scammers your id & password instead of actually logging into ebay. They are getting VERY sneaky!:mad:
  14. I don't want it either. But if I didn't pay, then she would have been in the right to leave me negative feedback. I just paid, and if I don't want it when I get it (IF I get it!:mad: ) then I will just sell it. UGGG.

    I suppose I could have just not paid, but I'm just such a good ebayer...;)JK, no, but she has NOTHING to complain about now. So sorry if I am "*****" for asking for a local pick up! (???):censor: I paid her in Full via Paypal. I informed my doorman not to let anyone by. I didn't write back and I if I receive another email, I am going to just delete it.

    What a sad, sad person she must be!:sad:
  15. People are insane on ebay!! Makes me feel like i need to avenge myself in some way for all the emotional abuse they inflict on you, me, and no doubtedly others. Let's Egg their cars :]