Crazy pageant moms and LV

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  1. Thats lovely....lets dress up your kid like a cheap fake LV handbag!


  2. That's actually pretty innovative, they just chopped up a scarf for that outfit. It's tacky for sure, and I'm not sure how I feel about pagents for little girls anyways !
  3. I'm against child pageants. It's not right to teach superficiality and vanity to such young girls. Also they are parading them around like horses dressed up as Barbie's. How could anyone judge young children for beauty and talent. There are TONS of beautfiul children out there, even if they aren't beautiful on the outside.
  4. :wacko: :lol:
  5. I am totally into the Children's Boutique clothes on eBay and I see this type of stuff a lot. LOADS of outfits made from Burberry material, LV, sometimes even Gucci . . .
    I am NOT a pageant Mom and wouldn't choose that for my family. Just wanted to comment that I see these little sets a lot on eBay.
  6. Im not into pagents....but that outfit is pretty cute! I hope that is a real LV Scarves that it was made out of.
  7. Oh so true; could not say that better myself!!!

    My 4 1/2 year old hates Barbie and for that I am thankful.
  8. Very gross, and inappropriate.
  9. Gross. That outfit isn't even cute at all. I'm also against pageants, those little girl looks so weird with all that make-up and hair done.
  10. OMG.
    Why oh why do these people think a sexed up 5 year-old is a good thing!?!?!
  11. The outfit isn't the most disturbing part. How can someone let their child parade around with her belly hanging out in front of a crowd of people, and put a picture of it on ebay. LucreziaCA said it best - a sexed up 5 yr old is not a good thing! oh well, to each her own :oh:
  12. The outfit alone is :sick:, but even more :sick: coupled with the fact it's a little girl with a midrift showing. Seems like pageant almost want their kids to be exploited and abused. :suspiciou
  13. I agree. There were many pageant girls and their mothers in my hometown, it's awful. The cattiness, the rumors, just the tackiness of the entire thing :suspiciou I'm so glad my mother didn't put me through that!

    :lol: at the outfit, that's hideous. Who would subject their child to that?
  14. I am very creeped out by childrens' pageants...