crazy over YSL

  1. bought a bronze and brown double bag last it to bits, got so many compliments....just got a beautiful black wallet. I'm on the roll, man. fell in love with a medium white muse, have to get it at the end of the month!!! me bad girl:confused1:
  2. Enjoy it Ashley...I bought my first YSL 2 weeks ago (2 muse's) and love them...Size med and large..
    I have the off white in large and just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets see a picture of your bag....
  3. Congrats! Yes, please share pics!:yes: I'm new to YSL as well and I love seeing everyone's bags.
  4. I have the Muse in ivory and I adore it.

    One of the things I love about YSL is that overall, it doesn't seem to be overly popular --at least it isn't here. I mean, people know about it and all, but you still don't see them on every street corner. I feel they are so beautiful, but in a more understated way if that makes since.

    I think I may have to take a few photos... if you don't mind them coming from a crappy RAZR phone! :smile: