Crazy over Tourquoise

  1. I am sooo into color classics. I lucked out on a Coral Medium classic on Saks egc day [$1595! Didn't get even the latest price increase....and no tax!], and am now on a quest for a Tourquoise classic. That and dusty rose are my favorite colors. Does any one know where I can get my little chanel obsessed hands on one? BTW, I did see a darling reissue in Tourquoise alligator, but I'd do better with caviar. Possibly you girls with the :drool: color classics can help me?

    Thanks so much to all of you!
  2. Wow lucky you!
  3. SOOOOO jealous of your coral piece!
  4. Hi Camelotlady, I just bought a baby blue medium classic in Selfridges London. They had one other colour classis which is in a very light dusty pink. Sorry I don't know what the correct term for the colour is. The SA told me that it's the last colour piece that they have. It's going for GBP1,135.
    No turquoise unfortunately.