Crazy Neighbors

  1. My neighbors are absolutely nuts. We all got along until one day he wanted to come in my house to check out a smell because he smelled something in his house (we share a wall). When I told him that there was no smell in my house and I did not let him in, our relationship has gone downhill evey since. OK by me.

    Now comes the nutsy part. I purchased a pair of CL shoes that were delivered to his house. Not sure when the shoes arrived. My neighbor comes in my yard and drops an open box on my porch and walks away. No knock on the door or anything. I come to the door and he tells me "it came to our house we thought it was ours". So the box was opened, one shoe is out the box and the receipt is on the top of the box. His SO does not look like the type to wear CL shoes so why is one shoe out the box AND a very small chip of red paint is missing off the bottom of the shoe AND I buy enough from Saks to know that the receipt is always at the bottom of the box. I'm not angry - it's kinda funny to me. He is carrying around alot of rage. I just need to leave a message with Saks to make sure all my packages are signed for. Hope they did not do anything freaky to/with my shoe:wtf:.
  2. omg, do you think they tried them on! thats really bad. how could they think it was their package when it must have had your name and address on.
  3. Having crazy neighbors is actually very stressful, since they are right there. We live in a great area, however the neighbor who was given the house by his parents is mentally ill and I think he uses as well. He was outside the other night yelling at another neighbor and then he started hitting himself in the face, then the police came. I have never lived anywhere that the police had to respond ot a call. It is not fun.
  4. Put some dead rats near his part of the wall, maybe they will move out ASAP.
  5. I generally try to mind my own business. I think that makes the best relationship with people you don't know or would ever try to know. I have a really nosy neighbor a few doors down and I try to avoid her completely.

    I do think she tried on the shoes and they looked at the receipt. The box and it's contents were too disturbed. He has a very off sense of entitlement. I have had issues with him and some of things he has done to his house that has impacted me but I have not said anything. For instance, he decided to get some work done to his house. He hired cheap workers and the work that was done to his roof damaged mine and I have to get a new roof. When we did speak, I know that he is immature. He has had issues on the job. When he described the issues to me it sounded like silly office stuff that a more mature person would blow off.

    Elizabethk, we live in the city so a dead rat would not be so hard to find :*)
  6. OMG that is so out of order of him, how awful. I would never dream of doing this to anyone.

    My mum has had neighbors like this. Hers was a crazy woman who lived on her own, she used to bang on the wall. Swear at my mum, take packages in and we would never see them again :wtf:. Also she used to shout over the fence that her dog was going to attack my mum. Evetually my mum and dad moved, I was lucky enough to have not been born whilst this was happening.

    There are some crazy people out there
  7. ITA it's very stressful. thankfully I only have one common wall in my townhome but my next door neighbor and I have a somewhat strained relationship and it's too bad. I have had to constantly hound him to be more conscientious with him and/or his roomies with late night computer sounds/TV, parking/driveway blocking issues with his guests. He's unconscious and spineless.

    as far as your neighbor, gloss_gal, his story is a load of crap and you bet they tried the shoes on. So what if the package came to his house? If they had read the label they could have clearly seen it wasn't theirs and dropped it off with you. Good idea to get signature required going forward.
  8. If he has lawn, sprinkle crushed up frosted flakes on his lawn, request porn phamphlets, or vacation stuff and add his name on the list, I could go on ---
  9. He sounds horrid! I hope they didn't try on your shoes! It is so frustrating that they don't appear to have common sense. If they weren't expecting a package, then they should have checked to whom it was addressed to instead of opening it up and taking out the stuff, etc!!!:cursing:

    We have some minor issues with the neighbors as well. Primarily parking - they always park in front of our house when their driveway is empty! It happens at least once a week too.
  10. You are bad. :graucho:

    What will the frosted flakes do?

    I like the porn idea. I stay to myself so much that I don't even know his last name and he has lived next door for about 3 years!
  11. He lied. I think most people would look at the package to see where its from and while you're there, see who the package is for before opening anything up!
  12. Is there some way you can request Jehova's Witness to come to his house?
  13. I want to know what the frosted flakes do too?
  14. "It came to our house, we thought it was ours." Yeah right. Nosy bastards. And she tried them on? Pathetic.
  15. That is really weird... He thought it was theirs because it said YOUR name on the box!! Crazy or nosy neighbors are the worse, because you can't get away from them, they're always there!