Crazy mission - accomplished! Reveal!!!!

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  1. So I have set a goal once I found out how crazy this season is... I am even crazier cause I went beyond the call of mission.:ninja:

    Who is up for it?

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  2. :woot:
  3. I'm here too!:smile:
  4. Shipping boxes are ugly but black boxes are work of art :biggrin:

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  5. Let's see the haul
  6. Shall I open by order of receipt or by order of purchase? Items came In last paid first in sequence
  7. That many Chanel boxes to open at once....I am sooo jealous!
  8. I am!!! Open!!!

    Oh! This Friday is full of excitement!!
  9. Wow... So many Chanel.... I am jealous too!!!
  10. It came in 4 shipments about 2 days apart and believe me the wait and aggravation was not easy! Let me start by the order of acquisition.

    I saw tutus reveal of the fuchsia and since then I have been bugging my sa for it. I was in limbo being 3rd on the list of jumbo. Sa said I have a good chance as person 1 may opt for med/large. He did call me when med came but I passed. I thought surely person 1 could have been called first and if she passed it means my chance is getting lower... I decided to put myself on other lists. I got calls from bloomies but missed it 2x. Thank goodness my jumbo came from the original list.

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  11. Can't wait to see! GOGOGO!
  12. Introducing mission item #1

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  13. Fuchsia is so gorgeous!

    2 days waiting to open: patience is a virtue I don't have! Commend you!!!!

  14. Wow wee! Look at all those Chanel boxes :woot:Can't wait to see more! That pink is super yummy!
  15. Not very good at snap shots so my pics doesn't appear scrumptious but it is juicy irl :smile:

    Then came news about yellow and orange. Without seeing them I told my sa to put me on both list. While I am # 3 for yellow with store getting only 1. I am first in orange line.

    So which one did I get?