Crazy LV Dreams

  1. Last nite I had the weirdest dream.

    I dreamt I was sitting in a park with my gf's and this gorgeous, blond boy comes over to me with the brown LV shopping bag in hand.

    He puts it on a table and says that he is my secret admirer & he knows about my love for LV. So he brought me a present. I was so excited ( in my dream).

    He then takes out a bag, with the LV dustcover...he removes the bag & its a disgusting FAKE white MC Alma:yucky:

    right away i was like OMG:throwup: and i think to myself he put it in the real LV shopping bag to trick me into thinking its real:wtf:!!

    so im like "um yeah no thank you" and then he starts begging me to forgive him and saying how in love with me he is, how his friend told him that was a good idea ( to put it in the real LV shopping bag) and he looks so so cute so i forgive him and we wound getting married:s

    Have you guys ever had any weird LV dreams???
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh No!!!
  3. I've definitely had bag dreams. Sometimes I wake up calm and comforted, sometimes I wake up in a panic :sweatdrop: and open my closet in the morning to be reassured they are all still there, sleeping soundly.
  4. Ooooo, Crazy Ladies.
  5. no i haven't, but i like your post. thanks for sharing.
  6. Yup, sometimes. The most annoying ones are when I dream that someone has bought me an LV bag or something - I then wake up I think "Yay, I'm gonna use my new bag!" and then I remember that it was really a dream and I don't actually have it :crybaby:
  7. Actually I just had one that the Mahina XL arrived at my boutique but I was fighting with another customer with it! Let's hope it doesn't happen!
  8. that is one funny dream
  9. :roflmfao: omg you're so imaginative HAHAHAHAHA
    this is one funny dream!!
  10. I had a dream once that I was in a shopping mall and a thug tried to steal my Speedy. I ended up throwing him to the ground, sitting on his head and neck and pummeling his body with my fists. The mall security came and they were like, "Ma'am, we're here - you can stop now." I wouldn't stop and I beat him to a pulp and it got in the papers and I was very embarassed.

    Weird, hey?
  11. LOL that's hillarious!!

    I just had a LV dream last night... I was shopping in Vegas and bought the damier keepall, azur speedy and a bunch of accessories. Then I went back b/c they forgot to give me dust bags/the correct dust bag and then they gave me a super hard time! They didn't give the dust bags to me :sad:

    hahaha....I read two posts last night before I slept: the 1st one a girl just bought her 1st speedy in Vegas...the 2nd post was about the speedy not fitting in the small dust bag and to ask for a bigger one!!

    hahaha ..... my dream was about those two posts put together. LOL
  12. Lol!
  13. I've never had any dreams that I can recall but you definitely had me laughing!
  14. I had a dream a year or so ago that all my vernis melted together like a Salvador Dali painting. And, then I woke up in a panic and thought oh thank god it was just a dream, then i went back to sleep and dreampt the same thing again. Then, I woke up and started buying something else besides vernis, like MC,,,lol...
  15. I had a dream about a week ago that my mom got me all the bags that I had been asking for and all the accessories I wanted. I was so happy, until I woke up and realized that it never happened. And I was so excited to use my new Neverfull MM :cry: