Crazy line at Selfridges

  1. I was just at Selfridges on Oxford St in London and was absolutely shocked at how long the line was just to get in to see the Gucci accessory sale: out the door and down the block. Is it always this crazy on Boxing day/day after Christmas?
  2. wow. guess everyone else loves a gucci sale too.
  3. Was it that bad?! I'm going today, may pass Gucci but hate to think I'd be missing out lol. Did you see anything? I'm more interested in the cruise collection really!
  4. wow!! I was in london last year (part of a big trip) and I noticed the caos of the whole darn place... not just oxford street!! I don't know how you deal with those crowds day after day. I hear you even have to line up to get into Harrods (which is freakin HUGE) but luckily I did not have to.... unbelievable!!
  5. today's line was actually just as bad....i went to gucci flagship on Bond street....the line was much shorter and there were more to shopped for actually :smile:
  6. Yeah the sale was not that great for me. Didn't pick up anything in Gucci. Bit disappointed that I had to fight through everyone and only came back with a t-shirt LOL.
  7. I was there LOL yep big queue ,and heard the manager screaming there coming haha. Didn't bother queuing though.went to louis instead LOL!
  8. Selfridges at the Bullring only had about 12 people in the Q at a time, I went in three times with different orders for friends. The baby shoes were all £29, and the rubber flop flops, toe posts and sandals were £39 a pair!