Crazy Legacy Stripe Question

  1. Ok girls, I'm a quilter and decided I simply MUST make a Legacy stripe quilt!

    So what I'm asking is, are the Legacy stripes (order/colors themselves) copyrighted in any way? Most of the time when I make a quilt I end up selling it simply because it's the "journey" for me rather then the outcome and I'm betting this will be true for this one, I just want to make it and succeed.

    And I respect copyright, but is it a different issue when it's an item nothing like it's original?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I don't know anything about whether the legacy stripes are copyrighted, but I imagine if you try to sell it as a Coach product you would get in trouble. The other question is: Where will you get the fabric from, or will you just be making a quilt using fabrics in colors that resemble the legacy stripe colors? I think it depends a lot on what you do, how you do it, what you do it with, and whether or not you make money off the "Coach" brand identity.

    But maybe someone on here is a lawyer and can clarify?
  3. I think if it's for personal use and one time only it's ok because it's art.

    I mean, look at what Warhol did.
  4. OOh...I'm curious about this too...I love the legacy colors so much I was thinking about a knitting project with them....
  5. I am no expert, I would think though that if it doesn't say coach and you don't state it as coach that they can't technically copyright a strip of colors....
  6. As for a knitting project, there's nothing stopping you from knitting something with certain colors. It would be wrong to say "Coach Legacy Stripes" or sell it as a Coach product.

    As for anything with fabric, I'd say that staying away from the exact fabric used in the lining is essential. Personal use is ok, but for profit gets gray depending on your advertising.
  7. man u can copyright anything these days!!

    BUT think about it this way, its a piece of art and you CAN sell it saying you USED coach products!!! :smile: there is NOTHING wrong with that becauseeeeee its no different then selling a necklace with swaroski crystals! :smile: youre not saying swaroski made them, they just provided the highclass materials! :smile:

    man that sounds hot! i cant wait to see it!
  8. I agree, I think it is ok unless you mention that is Coach legacy stripes or anyone affiliate it with Coach.

    Maybe you can incorporate the stripes into some of your own design work, that way its just not all legacy striping?
  9. Sounds fabulous and as long as it doesn't say "coach" on it I'm sure you're okay.

    ps if you sell it please let me know I would LOVE one :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone,

    I'd use fabrics in the same colors as the stripes and the only way I'd affiliate Coach in any way is to market to the Coach lovers themselves "Stripe Quilt for the Coach lover" or something like that, if I ever eventually sold one. I would keep Legacy or Legacy stripe out of it if I had to. Could I use the word "Legacy like" though?

    I'm really excited to try this. I'm also going to make a Legacy striped dustbag for my Legacy..something a little extra special :smile:
  11. That is so awesome.
    I'd like one also if you ever decide to sell =)
  12. You should be fine as long as you don't sell it as a "Coach" quilt. Coach doesn't make legacy stripe quilts, so you're not competing against them. If you're using the actual legacy strip fabric (which I gather, no) the quilt has transformative value (i.e. you've taken the copyrighted creation and made it into something else).
  13. SIgn me up for one, too.
    I know from my experience in the design industry, you can not copyright/patent a color combo, only a particular fabric. So quilt away!
  14. I think you would be fine if you said Homemade Quilt INSPIRED by Coach designer handbag lining. It's not a Coach product and you can't copyright colors.
  15. THAT is exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks so much! I think the most fun is going to be finding the fabrics, a treasure hunt :graucho: