Crazy Kelly Prices

  1. Calling all Kelly lovers...

    I am thinking about purchasing another Kelly, but what shocks me lately is all the crazy price differences I have heard as of recent.

    It seems like a member purchases a Kelly in a certain leather/size and then soon after someone reports the same leather/size combo and the price is widely different.

    I started a new thread to get some exposure on this one (hope you all don't scold me for this) instead of posting in our reference section.

    Can anyone update prices they have seen on anything regarding Kellys in any leather type/size etc. I would also love to hear the color and hardware etc. I like to have that visual for my enjoyment. Basically, all recent price updates and info would be appreciated. If you notice any new waves of Kellys colorwise coming into your boutiques please share that as well.

    Have a lovely week!:flowers:
  2. $6150, 28cm rouge H box, sellier, gold hardware
    $9050?, 25cm fuschia ostrich, retourne, palladium hardware
  3. Thank you HG for a quick update.

    I am shocked about the price of a 28 Kelly. Where have I been? I thought they were less.
  4. Can someone find me a 28cm Sellier box calf Kelly with Gold hardware?????
  5. Here are some more:

    $6400, 28cm Turquoise Chevre, Sellier, Palladium Hardware
    $11000, 28cm Fuschia Ostrich, Retourne, Palladium Hardware

    Chevre's price went up by $900 this year. Last year a fuchsia chevre sellier Kelly 28cm retailed for $5500 (November 2005).
  6. What color leather?:flowers: I'll keep my eyes open.
  7. *whispering* Psssssst, MrsS, try NYC.
  8. BLACK please!
  9. I'll ask my SA. Sometimes if she's in a good mood she would tell me if she has that coming. Btw, they do sell to international customers, it's just that you need to pay via phone and then come pick up in person because they want to make sure the person paying on the phone is the person picking up. My SA said in some cases ppl just just have their friends or families in the U.S. buy for them and as long as the store knows the friends and families who are buying, they don't really care who is getting the bag.
  10. $7K for a 32cm Navy Chevre Sellier Kelly w/Vert Anis interior, palladium hardware--about 2 months ago in SF.
  11. 32 kelly toile/barenia - US $ 5850. crazy, huh?
  12. $4475 (before tax) Kelly 25 retourne togo paladium hardware
  13. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but...............................that's actually a good price!!!:nuts:
  14. My 28cm black Clemence Kelly with ruthenium hardware was around $6,100.
  15. Natural Chamonix 32 retourne w/ Gold Hardware for $5800ish
    Gold 32 retourne Epsom w/ Gold Hardware for $5,550