Crazy incidents!!

  1. Just had a crazy episode going on in my kitchen: Opened the fridge, got out a can of Pepsi, went to open it and the damn thing slipped out of my hands, but I had already opened it slightly, so when it hit the floor it got a good shaking and of course, like the stupid woman I am, I picked it up and it went off like a fire extinguisher around my kitchen, sticky coke absolutely everywhere!! I screamed like an axe murderer was attacking and couldn't really see the funny side of it until it was all cleaned up!!

    Made me wonder, had any bad accidents lately? Has the bottom ever gone out of a bag of flour:lol:

    Sorry, could somebody move this to General discussion? Thanks!!
  2. I'm sorry but while I was reading, I tried to imagine the scenario and I kind of laughed my head off at the way you described it.
  3. Usually it was my kids doing things like that. I'm the person on the plane who forgets to aim the little sealed salad dressing cup away from me when I open it and it spurts all over my clothing. And when I'm wearing light colors, food leaps off my plate onto my clothing--balsamic dressing, blackberry juice, etc.

    My son at age 2, dropped a jar of mayonnaise on the kitchen floor--what a mess. That was right after he dumped the full box of dishwasher detergent into the dishwasher. That's why they call it the terrible two's.

    LOL at your fire extinguisher comparison-that's exactly what it's like!
  4. I once inadvertently was making orange juice in the blender, and when I turned the blender on, I forgot to put the lid on it. I had orange pulp on the ceiling, and everywhere imaginable. Having the ceiling fan on right above it didn't help matters either!!!
  5. upside: it didn't get on your purse.! (and btw, that is kinda funny!)
  6. Good point! The whole thing was quite lucky then, wasn't it...? LOL