crazy heel slippage - heel grips suck

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  1. One of my CL's has crazy heel slippage I put in heel grips it does not help, and if I don't know what to do.

    I am going to a party on Sunday and the shoes match perfectly with the clothes.

    Any ideas?

    HELP! If this is not working I have to find new shoes, wailll!
  2. You could also try putting a gel pad in the ball of your feet. I think some girls have also tried double heel grips, although it might create too much space.

    Is the size too big, or does it just fit funny?
  3. fit funny, wahhhhh

    I'm gonna try a gel pad I have a dr scholl's gel pad somewhere.
  4. If all else fails, there's the cotton ball in the toes trick as well.
  5. YEY thanks ladies it worked, the shoes are VERY TIGHT now and a bit uncomfortable but no heel slippage, LOL!

    I just nee dto get through the Christening party on Sunday so hopefully, I'll be ok for a few hours, THANK YOU!
  6. I have this issue too. When I use the ball of foot pad it helps, but the toe box gets too tight. Recently I tried heel pads and they didn't work. When I ripped them out it left a sticky film, but that sticky film kept them on my heels! I ended up being able to wear the shoes all day. I did put double sided tape in my car just in case it stopped working and I needed more.
  7. I've tried double sided tape, too. It doesn't take up a lot of room but gives me some grip when the shoes are the proper size but I'm slipping anyway. But yes, the tape gets a little yucky.