Crazy for paying full price for black lanvin flats?

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  1. NM is having their 10,000 point bonus if you buy something today.

    I decided to get a pair of shoes that I know never go on sale. I got the classic black lanvin ballet flats. I know the other colors and black + other accessories (like the black + ankle chain) go on sale, but not the classic black.

    Should I keep or return? They were $495. I wanted to get these eventually so right now seems to be good since I get something out of it? (I don't believe the Saks friends and family 20% allows lanvins and I can't think of any other store promo that would compare to this promo).

    Anyone know where I can get these cheaper if I do end up returning? Thanks!
  2. As long as you can afford it, you're not crazy at all. In my experience, black of anything rarely goes on sale, and if it does, it sells out first. IMO it's foolish to spend a couple hundred dollars on something you will never wear (ie, a pair of Lanvin flats in a weird color, just because they're on sale).
  3. thanks girliceclimber! i'll def wear these a lot! i wore my black revas to death and they almost have holes! i'll be sure to baby these as much as i can.

    haha now i don't feel so bad. =P

    anyone else think i'm crazy?
  4. i paid full price for a pair on non-black lanvins AND I can barely afford I'd say no, you're not crazy. :tup:
  5. thanks daniela :biggrin:
  6. no! black is classic and they're Lanvin!
  7. not crazy at all- lanvin flats are worth every penny- and just think they will really only cost you 395.00;)
  8. You are not crazy at all-I have about 14 pair (maybe exactly) of Lanvin flats, and the only ones I justified paying full price for were my black lamb ones. I think they are worth every penny. I wear them all the time and don't regret paying full price for a second.
  9. Hey Ang! I have the same exact pair I got from Nordie's. I was desperate for a black pair of flats and got them to price match shop zoe online's 20% off. So it came out to be $420. Still kind of expensive in my book, but they don't mark down the black ones since they are considered classic.

    I love mine, nothing compares to them. I just wore a pair of Matt Bernson flats all day and I have to say my pinky toes have blisters on them! UGH!
  10. thanks for your support linh, babyontheway, rgdldy!

    jen!! haven't seen/talked to you in a while! hehe so nice seeing you here! wow you're lucky you got them to do the PA! i just checked and they only have the 5% first time customer thing and no black. and yay for black lanvins!

    i'm now officially excited for my flats to come after all the positive, encouraging comments from everyone! thanks so much. i love tpf!
  11. lol! We're all enablers here. Yeah, I got these a while back though, so maybe Zoe will have this promo again later?

    Definitely worth every penny.. the leather is so soft and molds to your feet. haha. :graucho:
  12. Think of it this way--if you buy an item full price and wear it all the time, it's better than buying something because it was a good deal and never wearing it. I think you made the right decision.
  13. and the best part is the incircle points, im beating my self for missing that one, it raises yr incircle leval !!!
  14. If they'll never go on sale then why would it be crazy to pay full price? I think you will get tons of use out of them. I don't own any Lanvins myself but they are classic and I've heard so many raves about them.
  15. they are classic, so even if you pay full , they are something you will use and have forever..Like a classic white blouse or cashmere sweater