Crazy for my accessories!

  1. I have been sooo good and not bought anything in several months. Until, I ordered my 2008 LV full agenda set which came Fedex yesterday! YEA! So good to get something brown... Soooo, today, I'm actually using my Indigo vernis agenda for all my 2007 stuff, and I have the first quarter 2008 in my pomme vernis, both are on my desk and both are being used all day... in addition for my bday, I bought myself the new ipod nano, and it happens to fit perfectly in my damier passport cover including earphones, adapters, etc.... and on top of all of that, I'm also using my damier azur zippy agenda. I don't think I've wasted a dime on my LV things, love them all so much, my camera is in the car, or I'd snap pics and I've got a broken foot, so I can't run get it, but trust me. I'm LV accessorized. Are there multiple agenda users, etc. out there today? It's friday YEA!:yahoo:
  2. wow, congrats! sorry about your foot ... hope you feel better soon:flowers:
  3. Yay new nano! I have one too and I keep it in my fuchsia perfo cles - it perfectly fits, along with the headphones. You have yours in your passport cover, plus headphones? I didn't know that was thick enough to hold it all, good stuff!
  4. congrats......i wish they still had indigo vernis must LVOE that agenda !!!!!!

  5. Yeah Sweetie! This morning before I ran out the house, I tried it in my perle vernis cles, and the nano will fit, but not the accessories. The damier passport cover has more bend, so it will fit the earphones and adaptor cord. I can't wear earphones though, they fall outta my ears. I got the adaptor for my car, so I can just plug it in and listen on my car stereo.... I got the blue! They are really cool lil gadgets! Fuschia perfo cles is perfect for it:yes::heart::yes:
  6. Hhhaa, glad to hear you're enjoying them all. I use all of mine too and kinda had a bit of a realisation just how many I'm carting around with me all day everyday when I got my Congo bag earlier this week and tried to fit them all in! :push:

    I'm buying the T&B Mini Pochette next week, so will be swapping my Tikal Pochette for that in my bag. There, cutting back on bulk and weight a little bit, haha! :tup:

    Oh and yes, I'm a multiple Agenda user as you'll see in my pics! Damier GM is my everything organiser, red Epi MM is my training diary, Damier Koala PM is my wallet and quick reference/notes Agenda.
  7. Congrats!!! Love your "stuff"!!! Sorry to hear about your foot! Take care!
  8. Congrats!!! Sorry about your foot!! Take care!
  9. congrats! lv agendas are so great. i never thought about using more than one a time though....... now you're giving me ideas....hehe
  10. I love my agenda, you're making me want a bigger one!

  11. Yep! :heart: I remember your thread earlier this week and am TOTALLY in love with your red epi MM, what a great idea, to use it as your training diary...and, your congo is just too perfect for everything! I love using all my accessories, I need a messenger bag and then my regular bag too, what can I say, it's a mobile society and might as well be fashionable too!:tup:

    Oh Yeah Frankie, and you also reminded me to get that Panda cles out, it's been way overdue since I've used mine. Yours looks so fresh and new, it's great to see Panda again, he kinda faded away over time, but you brought him back, now I MUST use mine:woohoo:
  12. That's such a good idea, using the cles for the new nano. I bought the red one for my boyf and he loves it! I wonder if he would like a cles? ( In know I would!!)
    I use the pochette I got with my petit bucket for my video ipod as it stops all the wires getting tangled in my bag.

    Using two agendas as well! Very organised!
  13. That's super organized.. but I don't even use the agenda that I have !
  14. Cles seem made for Nano's! I'd never buy anything made specifically for an electrical item as gadgets are changing so swiftly in size and shape - look how cheap those Multicolore iPod Shuffle pouches are becoming, as Shuffles now are miniscule. Soon a Cles will hold the largest size of iPod video plus headphones, everything's shrinking so quickly! :blink:

    I'm currently using a red Kikki-K felt pouch for my iPod and headphones, it's pretty much the only non-LV thing left in my bag. Because I run and gym I have a tough rubber iSkin on my Pod and this doesn't fit into any LV pouches I own, which isn't too bad anyway seeing as I can chuck it into my gym bag without worrying about having an expensive pouch with me.

    I love agendas and as I love stationary they were always going to be something I'd have to have plenty of! I'd really love a Multicolore Noir Agenda GM, but would have to swap it around with my Damier GM one from time to time so they're both used. If only I were the sort of person to write a journal I could use one for that... :wondering
  15. I am sorry to hear about your foot! That must be painful! Get well soon!