Crazy for Flats!!!

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  1. ooooh, i love the KG flats!! where did you find those?? I can never get enough of fuchsia pink flats, they always perk up a black outfit.
  2. OMG great flats, i love you lanvin flats
  3. Flats are an addiction, trust me i know! lol congrats! they are all pretty esp the lanvin.
  4. Your flats collection is TDF, I'm in love with all of them especially your TopShop ones.
    They look great on you!!!
  5. I totally agree, all this while I always bought high heels, but recently I counted my flats, I have more flats than high heels, I have roughly 45 flats shoes from chanel, lanvin, tods, salvatore ferragamo, giuseppe zanotti, cole haan, fendi and others. I'm looking for more flats shoes now than before especially the one with embellishment.
  6. Love those topshop sandals!!! Congrats on everything!
  7. Thank you!

    We've got a Kurt Geiger store nearby. They had them in black & beige but I got the pink. I totally agree :biggrin:

    Thank you!

    Haha! I'm beginning to realize that Noon :graucho: Mashkoora!

    Thanks so much Chrisy! I'll try to add s'more.

    Bagspy I'm trying to diversify but it's proving to be difficult. I am scared to count the number of flats I have so I will just post photos. :P

    Thank you!
  8. Here's a really old fave, Stella McCartney flats for Adidas.


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  9. I really like your coral Lanvins :love:

  10. Wowza, that's a lot of flats! You have great taste!
    I love the taupe/gold, the grey/gunmetal, the white/gunmetal (or is it pewter) ones..where can I get a pair? Were any of these on sale? Do they fit TTS or 1/2 to 1 size small like most banana flats?
  11. LOVE the topshop and Lanvins! :yes:
  12. All your flats are gorgeous! Wear it and enjoy it!
  13. they are all so cute. are you tall?
    i stopped buying flats, unless they are super great prices, because I am not tall, so I don't get to wear them to work, because my pants are too long:P
  14. wow they all look so lovely~ great purhcases :nuts::biggrin:

    i'm wondering about the tod's ballerina sizing too (can't seem to find much info about it anywhere). how do they run? i'm a narrow size 8 and i'm looking at a size 7.5 and wondering if they will fit.
  15. I love flats especially your Tod's!! AWESOME! congrats!!!