Crazy for Flats!!!

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  1. I have been on a spending spree buying up flats, both designer & non-designer pairs. The good thing, many of them were on sale. The bad thing, I didn't realize I had so many until I ran out of room to store them! :nuts:

    A month ago I had 2 pairs of Tod's Ballerina Dees...and now I have...well...more than 2 pairs! :P

    The gold & taupe pair are due to be picked up tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek:

  2. Caving to tPF shoe pressure, I looked into Lanvin & walked away with 2 pretty pairs of fuschia & coral. I love their bright colors! I'd love to get a pair in sky blue!

  3. So pretty! I have a strong love for beautiful flats too. You made some great choices with your growing collection.
  4. These are my pair from TopShop. Love how comfy they are. Sorry for the blurry camera shots.



    Black1.jpg Black2.jpg Black3.jpg
  5. Great Lanvins, where did you buy them from? Department store or ??
  6. I LOVE flats, so I'm with you! :smile: You have some truly beautiful ones!! :smile: I've been eying the fuchsia Lanvins at NM, but I have a similar Dior pair in patent! :smile: The coral ones are so stunning! :love: Ohhh, and the brown/gold Tods ones are soo nice! Looking forward to seeing more! :flowers:
  7. Thanks Jeneen :smile:
  8. I got them from the Lanvin store.
  9. Thanks Minal! I am eying a pair of Diors currently. Are they comfortable?
  10. Tod's have been having sales so I gleefully purchased a few pairs and then the ones not on sale caught my eye.

  11. My friend compared these shoes to fish scales. I call them my mermaid flats. They're icy blue and will be great for summer.

  12. gorgeous choices!
  13. Thanks Queen Coco!
  14. Here's an addition to my pink flats. A hot pink pair of Kurt Geiger flats. These always get a lot of attention. You can see how bright they are by comparing them against the fuchsia & coral Lanvins.

  15. cute flats! :love: