Crazy for Damier Speedy or Just Plain Crazy

  1. I need your opinion, there is only 1 LV store in my country (no paypal available here either). They dont have the Damier Speedy 30 available, they have a waiting list a mile long and only 2 bags come in every month. I can get the bag from those international shipper places that will purchase it, ship it to international countries BUT it will cost me $850!!!:wtf: everything included & i will get my bag in 5 days max.

    The earliest I can get my bag (paying regular price) is January through a relative thats coming from the US.

    I have wanted this bag since it came LITERALLY going nuts without it:hysteric: it worth the $850 or just CRAZY to spend that much. HELP!!!!!
  2. Can you just have someone in the states by your bag and send it to you?
  3. Well, how often do you think you'd carry it ? Honestly, I'd bite the bitter bullet and pay for it now if you're going to use it all the time - you'll get the value back in just all the extra time you have with it, rather than waiting that is !
  4. Thats just it, fed ex costs like $160 plus I would have to pay another $300 or so for duties & taxes....Arghhhh!

    I think I would use it all the time, but then I also have a batignolles & 3 other gucci bags (my small collection)....Plus my husband will KILL me when (or IF) he finds out Im going to pay this much for the bag.
  5. OH MY GOSH - That's awful! I hate taxes and duties. That just doesn't seem fair.
  6. I know how it feels like... :hysteric: I'm feeling exactly the same thing towards cerises speedy... :P :crybaby: But $850?! You can buy a damier speedy 30 AND a matching damier cles with that..! :Push: :P Oh, I'm not much of a help, am I? :shame:
  7. what??? $160?? are you kidding me?? from what place???? i got my package for just about $35-$50 with insurance on fedex...taxes??? what????
  8. It's not that overpriced if it's the only way to get it. Why don't you ask the seller to declare the package with a lower value. $160 more than retail is not that much and if you can get it fast just go for it.
  9. I have a suggestion, why dont you take a short flight to Singapore or Hong Kong and buy it there? Then you can pick up something else to make it worth the trip.:smile: Take the husband along and make it a vacation!
  10. :yahoo: Yah!!!:yahoo: I just talked to my SA :love: and she took a peek at the waiting list for me and she said at the current rate that the bags are coming in I shoild get my bag in a month to month and a half :wlae:

    So with the extra money I will be saving I can pick up an inclusion keychain or a cles:nuts:
  11. See if anyone you know is taking a trip to somewhere that has LV and the Damier Speedy in.
  12. I just read your last post. YAY to you!
  13. Yay..! Your Damier speedy will look so nice with the accessories..! :love: