Crazy experiences while purse shopping

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  1. I was just reading some of the sale threads about some nutty behavior over purses and thought I would start this thread. Hopefully there isn't a similar one already - I looked and didn't see one.

    Have you had any humorous, crazy, or bizarre experiences while purse shopping that would be fun to share?

    I've had quite a few. Once, at a sample sale, a girl tried to grab a handbag right off my arm. It was the handbag I had walked in with! She thought it was one of the ones from the sale table but still, is there really ever any excuse for grabbing a handbag off of someone's arm? I think not.

    Another time, at Nordstrom Rack, I found a gorgeous MJ multipocket on sale. At my NR, they don't let you carry the high-end bags around the store while you shop. So the SA took the bag off the cable and hung it on the hold rack behind the cash register. I went upstairs to look at shoes. As I was coming down the stairs, I saw a girl grab my purse off the hold rack (RIGHT behind the cashier, who didn't even notice) and literally RUN up to the cash register line. I had to run down the stairs, go up to her, and say, "Excuse me, that bag was being held for me." (Which she clearly knew, because the note with my name was still on it!)

    She quickly gave me the bag and slunk away. But then, as I was waiting in line to pay, she came up to me AGAIN with another Marc Jacobs bag and said "You want to trade for this one?"

    I said, "NO! I'm buying this!"

    She then proceeded to follow me into the parking lot and waited till I drove away. It wasn't menacing or anything, because she was kind of a small, crazy girl who was clearly just obsessed with the handbag, but it was truly nuts.

    Have you all ever had any nutty, funny, or weird purse shopping experience with people even more obsessed with handbags (or just plain more crazy) than we are? ;)
  2. She followed you into the parking lot?! Wow. I'm surprised she didn't follow you home too, just in case you changed your mind later!
  3. Yes - it was really bizarre. I don't know what she thought she'd accomplish by following me into the parking lot. She hung back far enough that I wasn't really worried but it was still odd.

    I thought about saying something to security but she just seemed desperate and obsessed with the purse, which I could relate to, so I decided to just let it
  4. ^That is INSANE! What did you say to the girl who tried to grab the bag off your arm? What a nutjob!
  5. That's just creepy. I've had women follow me around to ask me about the bag I was carrying, but no one's ever tried to actually grab anything from me. Worst that I've ever experienced was shoe shopping, women trying to swipe the shoes I wore into the store but took off to try on a pair on sale. Imagine turning around and seeing some stranger trying to stuff her stanky foot into your shoe! Or someone holding one of your shoes, looking around for the matching one, when it's ON YOUR FOOT because it's YOUR SHOE.
  6. Too funny!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I just turned to her and said, "Um, that's my bag!" She tried to act like it was an accident but I could tell by her face that it wasn't. And I mean, she grabbed it with her hand and yanked it. I'm not sure how that could be an accident. I think though that she realized as soon as she grabbed it that there was stuff inside. We were all standing at this table of sale purses in a big crowd and girls were grabbing stuff off the table, it was kind of mayhem. So, while it was horrible, it was not quite so horrible as it would be if you were just like shopping in Saks. But even if she thought she was grabbing a purse I had gotten off the table, and not my personal handbag, I mean, that's not acceptable either, right?

    LOL mockinglee that someone took your actual shoes! Women get so crazy at sale time. I have heard stories about fistfights over bags at sample sales but have never actually seen any thank God.
  8. I had a CRAZY shoe moment (not quite handbags, but entertaining). I was a SA at Eaton's while they were going bankrupt and major sales were happening. I had 2 different people trying on the SAME pair of shoes (one had grabbed the left, the other the right) and they both wanted to buy the damn things!

    A lady came up to the cash and paid for a pair of shoes, though she had only one shoe in her immediate possession. I promised I would locate the other one somewhere on the sales floor. I located the missing shoe amongst the clearence chaos... in another customer's hands! I informed her that the pair had been purchased and she FLIPPED OUT and said "NO" SHE was going to buy the shoes! I insisted they already had an owner, and she snatched the shoe she had and hid it in her baby carriage and took off with her husband through the store! I had no idea who had possession of the shoes first, but one lady came up to the cash and paid for the pair, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I followed family through the department store for nearly an hour with security and police officers before she finally relented and through the shoe at me and spat on my manager.

    No charges were filed and my customer left with their PAIR of shoes :smile: It was a memorable, crazy night near the end of a Canadian era in shopping.
  9. A couple of months ago I was walking around Nordstrom Rack with a Lockheart in my hands and realized a couple was following me, whispering to each other as they stared at the bag, apparently waiting for me to put it down while I tried on shoes on the other side of the store. It was a good 20 minutes later when they finally decided to give up.

    Last week at Nordstrom I had my auburn Kooba bag (last year's) on the counter while making a purchase and a woman acted as if I wasn't there and asked the salesperson how much my bag was. The customer did not seem like the brightest bulb in the box, however, so I chalked it up to dense and perhaps a bit rude.
  10. Sorry but I think I would have gotten security to walk me to my car. Thats a little beyond obsessed IMO :upsidedown::tdown:
  11. Last month...I was at SAKS..In the DIOR dept.The SA there is a galpal of mine.I was looking at a bag for my daughter when I saw the SA look at me in shock...Im like WTF??
    She points to this SUPER freaky dressed woman behind me that was ACTUALLY PETTING and stroking my red Chanel expandable....ROFL...WHILE it was ON MY SHOULDER(She was behind me...LOL!)...IT WAS SO WEIRD...!!!!
    i felt a tad molested....HEEHEE!
  12. OMG these stories are so unbelievable. I'm sad i don't have a story that entertaining to share.
  13. I'm glad I don't have an entertaining story to share. I'd be so creeped!
  14. I thought about it, but decided not to. She was hanging pretty far back and I didn't notice her till I was halfway to my car, and she didn't really seem dangerous. She was just kind of like watching me forlornly. Also, to get back into the store I'd have to turn around and head in her direction, which seemed more creepy. So I just decided to get out of there in my car since she was just sort of wandering back in the parking lot closer to the store entrance and didn't seem to be going towards a car. I had also thought about telling security about her while I was still inside the store but I told the checkout girl and she didn't really seem interested, and I just decided to let it go. I can't believe I was even having to think about these things as I type this, LOL. All for a handbag. I really felt kind of more sorry for her than anything; she was loony and it was very annoying but she didn't really seem dangerous.

    OMG at the other stories! :wtf:
  15. Well, I know while I was shopping with my DH a little girl ran up to grab my Kelly (which I had placed on the soft carpeted floor inbetween my legs to go through a shelf of sales) and her mom snatched her away so hard she spun around like a Ballerina! I smiled at the mother but was horrified on the inside - that little girl was holding candy or something so her face and hands were sticky all over with red goo! :wtf: I love kids but OMG that would have been a mess!! :nogood: