Crazy Elux White LV Everything!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe what is on the homepage of Elux right much LV all in white.....sunglasses, wallets, earrings, bags.....check it out!
  2. Wowza...everything looks so hot! I really like the Noumea sneakers.
  3. How about those $600 white cruise sunglasses????????
  4. Lol I saw that yesterday and saved the pic. I love their main pics!
  5. I have been clicking on it periodically through out the is so pretty and serene
  6. I'm in love with the white Onatah Leather GM.
  7. i love it all, so gorgeous. If I was not so scared of white, I would buy onatah
  8. I agree. I'm drooling over all the white.
  9. sizzling white heat from LV! Roxbury & Maple Drive....YUM!
  10. i know!! that's crazy! love all the white!
  11. It's so pretty! I love all of the white LV's!