Crazy E~Bay Mom ~ Hilarious

  1. This should be enough to have people running, it is funny, but sad as well.

    Wonder how much the house is worth, including stock ;) | Ebay Mom | ebay auctions
  2. OMG! That is crazy!
  3. damn, that is one scary looking house. I thought that I was a packrat with a shopping issue, but that lady's got nothing on me.
  4. That lady needs help :wtf:
  5. Wow!! She needs to go on Oprah!
  6. she should go on oprah or clean house or something.

    seeing a house that cluttered makes me ill.
  7. OH! This lady make her sellers & eBay so rich :lol:
  8. wow
  9. Having this much clutter (also known as hoarding) is actually a sign of mental illness, specifically depression. Her daughter should stop blogging and get her mother to her doctor right away.
  10. It should be linked to first time registration for E-Bay or QVC etc. Just to pre-warn you of what the consequences may be.

    I can't understand why they haven't been opened ~ it's definitely freaky isn't it.

    I am back in my spare room now, to do a fly lady hour, see how many things I can put in the charity bag!!!!

    :crybaby: < soon to be > :wlae:

    **Decided that the box of things that could be sold will probably fund my Chloe Bouler**
  11. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. The daughter can't be too healthy herself if she isn't getting some help for her mother.
  12. OMG..!!!i think she's the one true shopaholic!
    or ebayaholic?hehehe
  13. I have an aunt who has managed to do this to her house even without eBay. She cried one time because she thought my parents had "ruined" a desk that belonged to my grandparents. Even things that have belonged to the family at some point, but she doesn't even own, she freaks out if anything happens to them or if they are sold.
  14. Gosh thats so sad. I feel so sorry for her
  15. Yikes.