Crazy Dream!

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  1. I had this bizarre dream last night that I was at this interesting outdoor type mall and found this store with purses everywhere. Purses on shelves, purses stacked on the floor against the walls...just all over. So anyway, I'm looking through them all, walk away and realize MY purse isn't with me anymore! Someone took it so I frantically look all over for it and finally find it on the floor and my wallet is gone. I even remember that I had $300.00 in it. My poor purse was pretty beat up, too. Maybe I should quit thinking about my purse so much. LOL
  2. It's a nightmare I often have....
    It's terrible.
    I don't think it has anything to do with thinking about purses too much.
    When I was a kid...I frequently lost my school bag in my dreams...
  3. Sounds like a dream where your subconscious is telling you to appreciate what you already have instead of coveting and lusting after what you don't have or what you DO have could be taken away.
  4. Google "what does it mean when you dream your purse is stolen".
  5. Thanks Jessh for the Google thing!
    I had already heard about the identity problem....
    Probably true....;)