Crazy Coach lady on craigs list

  1. So kind of funny, but kind of not. My mom isn't into Coach at all, but does read Craigslist like there's no tomorrow. Anyways, she keeps telling me about this lady that keeps insisting that the factory sells FAKE COACH. Over and over and over, and called mom a crazy child when she tried to correct her, haha.

  2. :hs:

    some people have no clue!
  3. lmao

    that is so funny!
  4. wow.. that's insane!!! I wonder how she came up with that??? I have never heard such nonsense!!!

    Coach factory stores sell fake bags, OK.. that makes sense :rolleyes:
  5. haahaa that is so funny...people can be so wierd.
  6. When I worked at the outlet I had one lady tell me she had spotted the "fakes" in our store! (holiday patchwork that had actually come FROM the full retail!) She insisted "this isn't real leather" (it was) and "it looks so fake! is everything in this store a fake?"

    Could not for the life of me convince her that outlet is a real store. I think thats the saddest part about all those mall kiosks and fakes- people get so used to seeing them that they think everything is fake!

    Oh and the lady was carrying the ugliest pleather bag with all these crazy rhinestones on it...
  7. Wow, she put alot of thought into that idea...
  8. all i can do is laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. She just wants people to buy fakes from her and not feel bad about it. Good for your mom for call her out. Crazy lady, not your mom.
  10. F stands for Factory right?? or F**k off crazy lady, lmao.
  11. Wow... and she (the woman who claims COACH factory outlet carries fake stuff) can write???

    Its a wonder!
  12. hmmmmmm:confused1: