Crazy Carly Question

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  1. What wallet will match a black leather medium carly???

    I wanted the carly the other day and the SA said they did not come in that size/color. But I got home and its on!!! Go figure!!
  2. How about a Legacy Stripe French purse? I got one during PCE and love it!
  3. I use my legacy stripe french purse with my black carly:graucho:
    Ebay Pics 257.jpg Ebay Pics 305.jpg
  4. +1!

    i use it with all my bags, lols

  5. I think the sig looks better AND that wallet is kinda small IMO, you sure you want that one instead of the larger slim wallet?? it's a price difference of $208 vs $248 ($40) or if you get it PCE, it's $156 vs $186 ($30)