Crazy buyer still insists on return!!

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  1. Hi ladies! Need some advice here please. I sold an electric toothbrush a while back to this ebay member and when he recieved it he said that it was not as described. It is as described as i have sold many toothbrushes of this item with no complaints, very happy customers. i also state in my auction that i do not accept returns. He opens up a claim with paypal and paypal holds my funds. Paypal emails me to tell me that they are waiting on the buyer to send them proof of why it is as not described and the buyer never responds so they close the case siding with me and they return my funds. Now i recieved an email today from the buyer saying that he wants to return the item and that its still new in box. Does he not know that paypal sided with me and i am not obligated to refund him anymore. This is so weird, why would he still insist? Anyway tomorrow is 60 days since he paid. I am just worried that he will leave me negative feedback. What can i do? Can i contact ebay to block his feedback or what? Thanks for any advice.;)
  2. Once he has filed a claim, he can't file another. Write him a polite little note saying you don't take returns after 30 days and he is 60 day past.
  3. As far as I know he can't do anything else at this point. After 60 days (I believe) he can no longer leave you feedback at all, so hopefully you can stall it for one more day! Good luck!
  4. I don't know that I would respond at all. What was the date of the auction? Isn't it 60 days after auction end, not payment, for feedback?

  5. Yes, this is how I understand it also. Once the auction ends they have 60 days to leave feedback.
  6. He paid on August 13. I just dont know if he can still leave feedback after the 60 days. Does someone know for sure?
  7. Your buyer has 60 days from the date the auction ended to leave you feedback. OT but congrats on your pregnancy!
  8. There is nothing he can do via Paypal at this point, as they have already closed the dispute; however, I hate to say this, but you can expect a negative feedback.
  9. Thank you MarneeB!! I have 100% feedback so this is really going to ruin my perfect feedback. Hopefully he can not leave any after tomorrow.
  10. I would try to stall him for a few more days..

  11. I haven't responded back so what should I say to stall him?
  12. OP, I just sent you a PM.
  13. Tell the buyer to take a hike.
  14. ^ exactly
  15. Sorry, I'm in a pissy mood this evening. I am glad someone else sees it my way, lol! :biggrin: