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  1. This buyer is not sane. I sold her a very nice blue denim Theory shirt on eBay. And this is what I received from her today: "you sent me a BLUE DENIUM SHIRT, NOT THE ONE THAT YOU ARE SELLING ON eBay." At first I thought that I might have made a mistake in the picture I uploaded but no! I double checked. Then I was very confused. I replied with: the item I sent to you is exactly as described in the listing and advised her to open a case. She then started to threat to leave me a negative feedback if I don't let her return the item.(she didn't actually use the word negative). This is what she said: "We need to reach a solution for the return or I will def leave the conclusion to PAYPAL AND eBay AND THE REST OF THE EBAY COMMUNITY." Then after I told her since I sold her an item that is exactly as described and I do not accept returns, she left me a negative feedback :sad: :sad: :sad: I am sooooo angry now. I have escalate the case and trying to get the feedback removed ever since but ebay is really bad at this...I am just so angry with the situation. :sad:
  2. Is that the right bidder name? I'm not seeing where's she left a negative for anyone.
  3. If I'm looking at the right listings and feedback, I see the buyer thought it was beige not blue. The indoor light made the blue a bit yellowish in the photo. On my monitor, the color of shirt looks grayish blue or gray.
    The color wasn't mentioned in the description. So it could have caused the misunderstanding.
  4. That is why I wonder if she mistakenly bid on the one that is blue and thought it was the other one. There are no colors indicated in either listing. I didn't think you could do that anymore. I thought you had to pick colors.
    I did see the negative, but I guess it was removed.
    I would recommend that you do make sure to list the colors of items in the future.
  5. It is a beautiful grey on my monitor. Pure grey... no blue anywhere.
  6. Thanks everyone. I will for sure be more careful next time. She just sent me a lot of threating messages and very not kind. I just don't understand why some buyer has to be so nasty in the messages...but I will for sure post pictures with and without flash next time!
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    I am sorry I just felt like to rant...before the she bought it she sent me 3 msgs to bargain the price then 4 msgs about the measurement...and I am pretty sure I replied in one of them that this is a very cute blue denim shirt...then she sent me 2 msgs about how she hopes she can win and very excited about this etc...I had a bad feeling then from reading all the stories on the forum but oh well. Thank you ladies again for pointing things out...definitely need to make my listings perfect so there wouldn be no room for argument!
  8. I think it's a good idea to be as descriptive as possible (also helps when people are searching for what you have, too) such as color, fabric, size, measurements, brand, true condition (not "new without tags" if it's been worn for years; some do that--NOT saying you did this, but I have had this happen to me as a buyer too many times), etc. That way the buyer knows what they are getting, they can find your items easier in search, and you are more covered as well.

    Hope it all works out okay, OP.
  9. hope it does work out OP & sorry that you have to deal with this